1. N

    1996 Seadoo GTX Bombardier Won’t Start

    Hi everyone, I have been reading forums here for weeks now trying to figure out this 1996 Seadoo but I’m a little lost where to go from here. It was given to me, it sat for several years outside not used & exposed to the elements but the inside is pretty clean - no mouse nests, water sitting...
  2. N

    Solenoid/testing question

    Attached is a video of my father and I trying to test the solenoid from our 1997 GTX sea-doo. we have been having trouble getting it started while trying to dewinterize it. The engine starts to turn sputters out some smoke and then turns off, if I press the ignition it will do that one more...
  3. P

    Compression Test Numbers - RXP 155

    Hi Guys. I'm new to this forum as I just bought my first ski the other day. Does anybody know what the Compression Test readings should be for a 2008 RXP 155, or equivalent engine? My test from the shop reads: 1. 190 2. 180 3. 185 I've done a search and everybody recommends getting a test...
  4. benstoker

    Testing Oil Injection

    Hey guys. I am in need or some more help. I stripped down the motor and whatnot for rebuilding purposes but before I put the RV cover and carbs back on, I would like to test my oil injection to make sure it's working properly. Is there a standard way I should do this? Have any of you all...
  5. kilgorekb

    How to confirm spark?

    Without putting my life in danger, how do I confirm that my plug is sparking? Pictures or diagrams are encouraged. Cheap tool/tester suggestions are too. :D
  6. KyleB

    Oil Pressure Test

    Hey guys, I put my new engine in the '96 XP this weekend and all in all it went pretty well. I have yet to install the carbs and sync with the oil injection or attached any of the cooling lines. The question I have deals with a statement in the shop manual that says to pressure test the oil...
  7. U

    MPEM Problem - 1997 GSi

    Hello, I recently bought a 1997 GSi Seadoo and have had it running nicely (The engine is in mint condition). But the problem I have is that when I connect the lanyard to the DESS post it doesn't always beep (or even allow me to start the engine or use the VTS). Through tempering with the...
  8. A

    How To: Build a Pop Off/Leak Tester From Home Depot

    So I ventured off to Home Depot today to gather the parts I would need to build a Pop Off/Leak Tester so I could continue with my carb rebuild. Using this guide Build your pop off/leak tester I was able to find everything I needed and wanted to share with others since the guide has dead...
  9. S

    Magneto Ohms Readings???

    does anybody know what the correct ohms reading should be for the 96 spx i have the whole mag unit off and did some testing there are four wires 1 black, 1 black w/red, 1 yellow and 1 yellow w/black. the black one is ground the black w/ red is for the charger coil? the two ohm out to 60 which i...
  10. M

    new 98 challenger 1800 owner with ?'s

    Hello guys, I have been looking over this site for a bit now to learn a little more before buying a jet boat. There is tons of great info on here!!!!! Awesome. Now I just picked up a 98 challenger 1800 and took it to the marina to go over before I give up the rest of the money for this...