sucking air

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    2002 GTX 4-tec fuel issue

    Just purchased a 2002 gtx 4-tec. Previous owner said the engine runs fine, but when you get below a half a tank of gas the engine will sputter and then shut off. He says he replaced the fuel pump but didn't replace the gasket so when when the fuel drops below half a tank it starts to suck...
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    1993 GTX Cavitation, loss of propulsion, but good engine power

    I have a 93 GTX. I'm new to jetski mechanics, but am very familiar with mechanics and motorcycles. I just bought this ride and got it running. Compression is 125-126 both cylinders. no oil leaks, fresh gas. Motor runs/idles great. Throttles up great (don't have tach so no RPM reading). Test...