Seadoo challenger 180 decal sticker

    This may be a stupid question but it's driving my ocd nuts.. Why is the seadoo challenger 180 decal in different spots on right and left... Mine is with the custom decals. Thing is, mine were removed by the original owner but left a mark so I wanted to put them back on. While installing them I...
  2. rgardner928

    Replacement OEM Decals

    Has anyone found a way do get this decal cut and made? Can I get one from your source? There is nobody within a thousand mile radius that can make this for me. Unless I take somehow the boat to them and they try designing it. At the expense it's going to cost me of several hundred dollars it's...
  3. R

    RESTO Decals / Graphics for 93 XP & 95 HX Restoration

    I have just recently picked up a 93 XP and a 95 HX that I'm planning to restore (pictures below). I'm stripping all the decals to recondition the gel coat and will be needing decals to put back on them. I've searched all over for some decals, specifically "XP" and "HX" decals, but I'm having a...
  4. H

    Please help me chose Decals

    Hello Every one i been rebuilding my Seadoo Speedster 1998 sines 3month now new engines , new housing ,new interior , extra will post latter what i have don now i just Finish the body paint job and i just redesign the Decals my self i could find good one online and they very expansive ...