starting issue

  1. R

    Unable to start after a morning of ridinf

    I can’t start my Seadoo wake pro after turning the engine off to drop someone off at the dock. When I go to start the engine, the screen blinks on and off a few times. I pulled it out of the water and charged the battery, but it still doesn’t work. Anything else I can try to do to fix it?
  2. TeagueBag

    95 xp 717 only starts if you hold wide open throttle but runs fine. As soon as you shut it off it will not start back up

    Hello all, I have a 95 xp 717 that I picked up. Took it out to see how it was running. It wouldn’t go past 9-12 mph. So I rebuilt the carbs using all OEM Mikuni kits from OSD. Pop off tested both carbs tested good, set the low and high jets to factory spec. Took it back to the lake and it ran...
  3. J

    97 GTX No Beeps, Instruments Light Up, No Clicks from Relay

    Hey all, I've been working on this 97 GTX for almost 2 summers now. I got it running last season after rebuilding the carbs (which I broke), buying new carbs (that worked) and had it running in the driveway for about 5 minutes, the first time I took it out on the water I couldnt keep the engine...
  4. 123457

    Starting Problems

    Hey everyone, We have been trying to diagnosis the issues with our 1996 seadoo challenger. We are new to the boat world so its starting to become super discouraging. We been out twice and both times it died engie on the lake. We pulled the plugs tried to start it nothing came out so i don't...
  5. R

    Starting issue 2008 RXP 255

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for clues what may be wrong with the my 2008 RXP 255 (90hr) before I take it in. The issue started last year in the spring. PWC would start in the water but would have issues restarting in the water. After few trips it would start off the trailer but once tied off...
  6. soggybows

    1996 Bombardier Jet Boat MISERY!!! HELP

    I am a first time boat owner. I researched the 96' jet boat and thought this would be the ideal starter boat because it's so light weight (I am female, I have a little daughter and I am not tech savvy). I have had nothing but heartache so far. I understand there are learning curves, but this is...
  7. T

    Will maintenance message prevent starting?

    I have a 2015 GTI 130 with about 55 hours. I have not taken it to a dealer and there is a maintenance message showing on the display. When I press the start button, I get the 2 beeps and the display comes on but the ski will not crank (no clicking or any cranking sounds). I shorted across the...
  8. W

    1997 Seadoo SPX 787 Starting Issue

    Hello, I am currently having some issues with my ski. When I go to start it (with a full and tested battery) it will turn over and than stop turning over like I am letting go of the starter button. Turn over for a couple seconds and then stop for a second and repeat. However, I have noticed if...
  9. J

    03 Utopia 210hp Carb'd merc not starting

    I was using my boat for the fist time this spring and everything was going to fine cruising for about an hour. I stopped at a dock to get lunch about 30 mins came back the boat wouldn't start. It would not turnover, sometimes it cranks for a few seconds other times much longer. Checked the...
  10. M

    Speedster '96 Starting Issues

    All right so port side engine fires up fine. Starb side not so much. I get a click coming from what seems like the solenoid when when pressing the starter switch but not indications from the starter. Tried jumping the solenoid, no sparks what so ever. Took a shot in the dark and replaced the...
  11. K

    starting help key problems

    hello i have a 98 seadoo GTX with the 951 that i just bought recently from the previous owner they installed a new computer and wiring. 1 out of every 10 tries the key will work the other times it doesn't give the two beeps saying its plugged in and when you try to start it it gives one long...
  12. S

    sportster 150 not starting

    Hey, I am totally out of resources to troubleshoot my problem. I have an 03 sportster 150 4tec. Used it without any problems this season, has a brand new battery. I used it 2 days straight and one week later when I tried to start it, it just cranks. Like there's a fuel issue. All fuses are good...
  13. N

    95 seadoo xp wont turn over

    I have a 1995 sea doo xp 720 I bought in may and it ran great once it was started. It has always taken quite a few turns to get going after sitting for a couple days. Went to go start it this weekend and it wouldn't turn over. All I got was a very faint crackling type noise and after about 20 to...
  14. J

    96 GSX starting question

    First off, THANK YOU, to everyone on this forum. The information that I have gained has been priceless! I do however have a quick question, 96 GSX, bought early summer, changed fuel lines, clean carbs and filters, new batt, new plugs. Started and ran great on trailer, took to the lake and...
  15. kurly

    2001 Challenger 2000 Engine Bogged Down While Underway

    240 EFI engine, manufactured Feb 2001. Reliable engine for the past two years I've owned the boat. Always started and ran with no problems. Took the boat out for the third or fourth time this season. About a mile out from the launch, I reduced throttle as I approached some wake and the...
  16. T

    1997 seadoo gtx

    I have a 97 gtx with 75 hrs, im having trouble getting it staryed this year. I changed the battery and cranks very slow, repleced the batt again and realized im not getting any spark. Anyone know what i should do? Another strange fact is that it cranks great without the plugs in!
  17. M

    1999 seadoo xp limited won't start.

    I am looking to buy a friends seadoo xp. he flipped it last year and ever since then it hasn't started. today I went to go look at it, put the dess key in and I heard no beeps. left my finger on the start/stop button and I heard a 4 second beep followed by 2 beeps moments later.. I checked the...
  18. L

    2009 rxt 215 won't start!

    Dewinterized pac and all I get is a single click when I hit the power button. Replaced both the battery since it was two years old and solenoid. Still just one click. Every so often I will get a click and some engine turnover, but will still not start. Only has 20 hours so I am baffled as to...