sportster 150

  1. J

    Wear ring help!

    Hello all. I'm having trouble finding which wear ring I need for my 2003 seadoo sportster 4tec with 155 horse. I did buy one but didn't seem to fit properly. When installed the ring sat above the housing. Anyway just wondering if anyone has the part number or know where I can buy one! Thanks
  2. J

    NEW OWNER. need help

    so i just bought a 2004 seadoo sportster!! :) the boat is in great shape and im very excited to use it in the spring! i was just at a boat show and a guy told me the shifter should move easily and freely. well my shifter doesnt move at all, im scared ill break it! right now the battery is out...
  3. S

    Sportster - lots of power but no go

    We had our 2006 Sportster 150 out this morning and it ran great. This afternoon, tried to head out and it ran fine up to about half throttle. At that point, it revs up to 8000 rpm and acts like it wants to go but can't. We picked up seaweed in the past and we tried our usual process of...
  4. P

    NEWBIE Question

    hi, I just bought a 2004 sportster and it came with one key that you need to insert to make the start button work. I was wondering if i can buy extra keys, in case i lose the only one that came with the boat. thanks
  5. P

    boat cover

    hi, any one knows where i can buy an origional boat cover for my 2004 sportster. thanks
  6. fi$hN$hip$

    05 Sporster Steering Wheel?

    Trying to locate a replacement center piece? I'm guessing this is a Dino 103? Any ideas or links? lols title fail
  7. W

    Wave Heights? NOAA Wave Forecasts and my 2003 Sportster 150 4-Tec 15' boat

    I brought my boat to Chicago this weekend with hopes of getting it on Lake Michigan. I know I have to pick and choose my days because of wave height on the lake so I'm trying to get a feel for the wave forecasts just to keep things safe. Today's NOAA report is as follows: SMALL CRAFT...