1. M

    1996 spi, 587 running hot?

    Good morning! Looking for some help/info on my white 587 operating temp. (1996 Spi) After replacing oil tank grommets, all oil lines, bleeding pump, and running tank of premix for safety, did a test run, while checking for any oil leaks, I noticed engine was hot to touch, while running on...
  2. Gman11377

    New Summer Tow Rig

    Picked up a new tow rig and took the ski's down to the river for a late afternoon blast. I'm still waiting on SBT to finally mail my new starter for the GT, but the SPi ran great. The seat cover that I remade last year is holding up great, and as soon as I get the new starter in the GT, I'll...
  3. C

    1994 seadoo sp Run away

    Hi guys new to the forum. Looking for some advice. 1994 seadoo sp on start sounds like it jumps straight to max rpms on idle(out of water). When it is in the water on idle to wot it boggs and moves slow, then picks up for about 10 seconds and wants to die. I have replaced fuel lines, and rebuilt...
  4. M

    Help choosing the right aftermarked carb for SeaDoo SPI 587 single carb Rotax motor

    Hi Everyone I am the happy owner of an old SeaDoo SPI which I am renovating here in Denmark. There are not many of them here in our country. It is a SeaDoo SPI with Rotax 587 single carb engine. It was equipped with a mikuni 34mm (round type, which I have renovated), but it has broken in the...
  5. C

    RESTO Dual Resto: 1992 SPi and 2001 GTX DI Restoration

    Hello, everyone! So, after many days of searching the forum, reading on restorations, and wondering how to go about my two “problems”, I joined the forum. The reason for joining and searching is that I recently acquired two semi-neglected Sea Doos for free. One is a 1992 SPi 580 white engine...
  6. Camarojoe12

    Jet pump questions

    Hi all, I am new to seadoo’s but have always liked the old school skis so I finally grabbed one. It is a 1990 3 seater gt with reverse, it needs a motor which I picked up to swap out of a good running “parts” ski. I figured while I was replacing the engine I would replace all of the fuel and oil...
  7. Brad Ramirez

    96 SPI Doo with Single Gauge Hood - SoCal Craigslist

    Hey Guys, I know how many of you love the single gauge hood so I though Id share this SoCal Craigslist ad. Looks like its in damn good condition. No Motor condition detail though... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/boa/4637065831.html Doo On! :cheers: -Brad
  8. N

    Confused the spark plug wires on 96 Seadoo SPI

    Hi all, I am working on a 96 SPI that I just got and forgot to mark the spark plug wires before I took them off and I can't find anywhere how to tell which is which. I have the shop manual but it doesn't tell me what I need to know. Can somone help me to identify which wire goes to which spark...
  9. S

    SeaDoos Rotax 587

    So I have really been thinking about doing somthing "big" With my 1991 Seadoo Xp and my 1994 Seadoo SPI. My SPI has the white 587 single carb engine and my XP has the yellow 587 dual carbs. Besides putting aftermarket Exhaust, impellar, air filters, etc. What else can I really do with them? I...
  10. T

    Hours compared to miles?

    I am looking to purchase another ski but this one is from a dealership. It is listed with 200 miles. Im used to hours rather than miles, its a 1996 Sea-doo SPI, anything I should look out for? Is this to many miles?
  11. J

    New Guy Again...

    Ive got a 1996 Sea Doo Spi that has been having starter issues. We took it out and replaces brushes BUT when I put it back in I have to wiggle a red cable to the left coming out of the starter to get ti to work... Should I just buy a new one or is there a easy fix? Thanks! :)
  12. J

    Cleaning and Protecting

    In all my cars Ive had I use Seafoam to clean them out. Well I bought a 1996 XP and 1996 Spi and they guy who sold em to me said not to use it because there just so simple being a 2 stroke therefore theres no need. The internet says otherwise. What do yall think I should use to clean the carbs...
  13. J

    New Guy With a Problem!

    I just bought my 1996 Spi last month and the first weekend I had it out it blew the Solenoid. No biggie 40 Dollars later I had one. Well last week same thing happened. It wouldnt turn over in the water and had to be towed back... again. got it out and just heard a click but nothing else...
  14. F

    94 sea doo spi power loss

    so this is my first jet ski and dont know much about them, i took it out on the lake ran great for about 10-20 min. now it will want to take off as soon as you hit the gas then just stay at a low speed. also there are two small hose outlets under the tow hook only one is shooting out water.. is...
  15. R

    Performance Issue with 1996 SP Seadoo

    Hello, I have a 1996 SP seadoo. I bought this used and I have owned this for 2.5 years. About mid summer of last year I noticed a performance issue while at the lake. I noticed that when taking off, the ski seems to just sit in the water and is sluggish to take off. The engine revs up, and...