1. Boshwash

    95 GTX bog and Carburetion Education

    Hey guys! I've got a few questions to start with and potentially more to follow. I have 1995 GTX thats been in my family since it was purchased new. It just got a remanufactured SBT engine that I installed, as well as the carbs rebuilt, which I also did. Took them to a semi-local shop to...
  2. N

    Upgraded Sparkplugs

    OK, the 2005 3d is an easy upgrade The OEM Plug is BR8ES, and the upgraded one is BR8EIX But on the 2006 DI the OEM is ZFR4F-11, and NGK doesnt have the iridium upgrade option, but a website mentioned that ZFR5FIX-11 is the equivlent. However, its one degree colder. Are these numbers...