spark plug

  1. B

    1630 ACE 170 - Spark Plug Gapping and Anti-Seize

    Hey Team, Its finally time to take my ski's out of storage for the spring / summer and have 2 questions: 1) I've been doing the annual maintenance myself for a couple years with no issues, however, I have noticed 1 discrepancy between what the Sea-Doo Manual says, and what NGK says. NGK Spark...
  2. P

    96 speedster no spark

    No spark on both plugs, both engines. I replaced the two small pwc batteries with a larger single battery, which required taking the exhaust off. upon doing this I saw the starter was bad, so ordered and replaced it. Yesterday I put the exhaust back on and plugged in the hose to try running it...
  3. B

    GTI SE 170 - Oil on Spark Plug Threads

    Was finally time to de-winterize both my ski’s today (did oil change and fogged the cylinders in the fall). I fired them up and let each one run with the hose for a minute or so to let the fogging oil burn off before swapping the plugs. When I pulled the plugs, I noticed (and was reminded)...
  4. BTR

    I Need a Longer-Lasting Spark Plug - Which plug?

    2005 RXT 4-Tec Supercharged 215HP. I've always used the OEM spark plugs (NGK DCPR8E gapped to 0.03”). But, they "go bad" on a regular basis. They are not fouled nor burned, and don't have any signs of abnormality when looking at the tips...... one of them simply goes bad. This necessitates...
  5. RogerS

    How can I test Spark?

    Just want make sure I got good spark at the plugs... how can be tested? 787 engine
  6. T

    2005 Seadoo RXT loss of power

    So I'm at a bit of a loss for what is wrong with my jetski. I have a 2005 Seadoo RXT. I put it in the water about a week ago after being outside all winter in Minnesota which it was winterized for. However, when I went to drive it that day and also the next weekend, It wasn't able to reach the...
  7. Khristian

    Intermittent Spark Issue

    I have a 1998 Seadoo GSX Limited with a 951 engine. I have tried cleaning the grounding wires throughout the electrical system but when I push the start button it will crank and spark once or twice then no further spark. It will only act as if it wants to start but will not. I have changed out...
  8. V

    Missing spark on cylinder 1 optimax 200hp 2004

    Hi I needs some help On vacation with the kids and cylinder 1 won't fire up Seadoo Utopia 185 2004 Mercury optimax 200hp dfi -Problem starting the engine Spark plug one is clean as new from gazoline It's not speaking. Spark plug 1 is good and tested All spark plugs good and tested Problem...
  9. S

    Dow Corning 111

    Hi, I am doing an oil change on a 2012 Sea Doo Wake Pro, including changing spark plugs this weekend. The manual states to use Dow Corning 111 on the Spark Plug coil seal. It isn't available locally, and unless I spend a fortune ($30+) for overnight delivery I won't have it by Saturday when...
  10. R

    Which Spark plug Should I Run?

    I am new to owning PWC machines but so far they are a blast. I have a 97 GTX and a 99 GTX limited, both run great. I'm wondering what spark plug I should be running. The Manual says BR8ES but the dealer recommended the BR9ES, but the previous owner had BR7ES in the 99. Now I'm confused and...
  11. C

    Lean or rich???

    Hey y'all I just did a top end rebuilt on twin 720's in a sportster 1800. Comp is at 145. I went through the carbs while I was in there. Now I'm in the break in process and I'm having some carb issues. First I'm having to choke the motors when warm to get them running. Which makes me think I'm...
  12. robb67

    2001 Challenger 240 EFI Engine problem

    I changed the plugs and took my challenger out for first time this season. Severe loss of power. Couldn't get rpms past 3000. Couldnt get to plane. Where should I start? Any reccomendations for repair shop in MA/RI area? Thanks, Rob
  13. J

    HELP PLEASE!!!! 2002 Sea Doo RxDi won't turn over!

    I just bought this machine yesterday. It was running great until my buddy flipped it over and the engine compartment filled with water. I replaced the battery. Here is the video I posted on youtube. I was just wondering what other things I could...
  14. T

    2003 GTI RFI pumps oil out of spark plugs???? Help?

    I just purchased a 2003 GTI RFI with 134 hours in great shape. When I got it home I tried to start it but it just clunked. Pulled the spark plugs only to have a volcano of brown fluid????? Tried to clean plugs and refire only to have it hydro lock again. It seems to be emitting less fluid but...
  15. N

    Upgraded Sparkplugs

    OK, the 2005 3d is an easy upgrade The OEM Plug is BR8ES, and the upgraded one is BR8EIX But on the 2006 DI the OEM is ZFR4F-11, and NGK doesnt have the iridium upgrade option, but a website mentioned that ZFR5FIX-11 is the equivlent. However, its one degree colder. Are these numbers...
  16. S

    maintence light and rough start

    Hi, I'm a newbie with a 2001 seadoo gtx. I have been using midgrade gas and fuel stablizer all summer and riding in a weedy lake. Over the course of the summer it has been getting more and more difficult to get it started. Recently the maintence light came on so I checked the oil and it...