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    Help needed! Mystery Carb

    I picked up a cheap 1990 Sea Doo SP 580 last week, and after a bit of tuning and bew plugs she was running pretty good. Even pulled a tube! I got home that night and pulled the 'sending unit' (hoses) off the top of the tank to get a better look at how much gas we used to get an idea of what to...
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    1990 Seadoo SP 580 with a BN round body has 2 fuel pumps? is this normal?

    Ive been messing with this for a while and have rebuilt the carb, and put a new external fuel pump on it. It has the yellow motor. I have been doing some online research and cant find out if my BN round body is supposed to have an external pump as well as the one that is on the carb? Right now...