1. Nickname

    2009 RXT IS 255 problems

    Recently I bought a 2009 RXT IS from a guy on craigslist. ski had 63 hours and 7 years old. ski had about 2 or 3 light abrasions on the hull, not scratches, and you could tell it was beached a few times in it's lifetime (bottom of hull wasn't glossy, more of a smooth matte color amd texture)...
  2. C

    1996 GTX Dark Water & very smokey exhaust

    Hi, I purchased a 1996 GTX Sea Doo about a month ago. Before purchasing it I test drove it in the lake for about 15 minutes. Now when winterzing it I noticed dark water and very smokey exhaust. After watching many videos on You Tube guys runing their Sea Doo on land water with water hose...