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    '96 GSX fuel problem

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, and looking for some technical help. We're attempting to sell my wife's '96 SeaDoo GSX, since we haven't used it in three summers, simply due to work, weather, etc (it was winterized, and stored indoors since then). 108 hours on the machine. Last week, I...
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    94 SPX with "New" SBT 657 Still Terrible Sluggish - Fuel Delivery Issue?

    Hey everyone: At the advice of some folks around here, I've now run about 12 gallons of 50:1 premix through my "new" SBT engine along with the oil injection pump. Last night, I drained the remainder of the premix from the tank. I then added 5 gallons of new gas from a different station...
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    Breaking in an SBT 657 in a 94 SPX - Sluggish?

    Hey everyone: I'm doing breakin on my old beater. Starts very nicely, but it seems like it's really sluggish. I elected NOT to use block-off plates so I'm running break-in oil at 50:1 plus the injection pump. With that much oil, will the engine run "normally" or will there be a noticeable...
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    95 XP No accelerate until jump and impeller gets out of water

    I have a 95 XP that have the carb rebuilt all gray lines replaced, fuel selector cleaned, etc. Has a fairly new Solas and wear ring and a Factory Pipe. It has sluggish acceleration and goes about 1/2 speed. If you can jump it a little and get the impeller out of the water and wound up it goes...
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    99 xp limited engine miss

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have a 99 xp limited I had gotten 3 months ago. I have only been out a few times and it ran great the first few times. One day I could not get over 30 mile hour and could feel it only firing on one cylinder. The front one, and could feel the rear cylinder hitting...