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    2019 GTI 155 SE Ski Module Issue

    Hi all, New to the forum in search of an answer. I purchased a ski module that was listed as compatible for my ski in December. Now that we are into June and am ready to test it, I can't seem to find the added features in the menu. This module was plug and play into the diagnostic...
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    Electrical Problem with 2015 GTR 215

    Hello I'm new to the forum and just purchased a new GTR 215. I took it out for a one hour ride and tested the all the features and everything worked perfectly. The dealer sold me a ski module kit to install for wake boarding. I installed the kit per the instructions (checked it two times...
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    Ski module can't get me out of water

    I was wakeboarding last night and trying out my new ski module on my GTX Unlimited. It couldn't pull me out of the water even on the highest ramp setting. It wouldn't get the boat's hull up and out of the water in time for me to get up. Does anyone know if the ski module can be adjusted for...
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    Ski module is dangerous

    Recently, I has a ski module installed on my 2011 Limited GTX. The feature seemed really cool for my girlfriend to tow me on a wakeboard. However, our first try with it resulted in serious injury. Hopefully, someone has experience with the ski module and can offer some helpful insight and...
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    ski module?

    Hi, I have a new GTI 2011, it says the ski module is optional. I see them for $129 on BRP Sites. So my questions are: 1.) Anyone used the ski option on the newer skis, is it worth it? (I had trouble pulling my kids out on my old ski at the right pace) 2.) Anyone ever installed one...