1. Woodsy15

    Speed Sensor wheel on 05' Challenger 180 or speedo adjustment?

    Hey, getting near the end of season so don't know if I will get out to test this more or not before spring. The Speedo on my 05 Challenger is off reporting -12 mph (boat going 43 mph on GPS, speedo reads 28-29) Found a long lost Technical bulletin on another forum that shows on the back of the...
  2. ajvigants

    Sea Doo SPark unstable rpm

    I have a pair of 2104 90 Hp 2Up w/ IBR Sparks. Removed from the water during Hurricane Harvey and never made it back into the water last summer. Before putting them in this year, I changed the oil, filter and plugs and put new batteries in each. One ran/runs fine. The other is very hard to start...
  3. S

    temp sensor location and where to buy

    Hi all, I'm a new boat owner, of a "new to me" 2000 Challenger. I have read about my issue in a few threads, and I was going to start to try and diagnose it the best I can, though I'm a novice engine/motor guy. I have a very quick start up, though heavy oil smoke at start up. Runs right up...
  4. mahdian

    2018 Seadoo RXT X RS O.T.A.S Failure

    Hello, I have 2018 Seadoo RXT X RS that have O.T.A.S failure and problem. After checking faults in BUDS2, we have this Active Fault: ECM - Active - P1550 - Otas sensor voltate not plausible. Is there any O.T.A.S sensor on this PWC? I cant saw that. Please Help
  5. S

    SeaDoo diagnosis?

    We have a sea doo and we just used it last summer but now we tried to start it and it wouldn’t start. It wasn’t the battery. Kept trying and it started for a second, and then stopped. Then it started MAJORLY backfiring. So loud! Stubborn as we are we continue a couple more times and then stop...
  6. J

    Warm start issues

    Just purchased a 2001 Challenger 1800 with an M2 240 Merc. Runs great from cold but once I stop and then try to fire it up from warm....its a struggle. The workaround is to put it into Forward quickly giving it a bit of throttle obviously not ideal. I just replaced all plugs but haven't done...
  7. O

    Overheat light when cold / low 12 volt

    I have a '97 GSX that had a sbt engine installed in it last year. When I started the break in procedure this summer it ran fine for the first half hour. I parked it let it sit until it was completely cold. I took it out again for the second half hour of break in and it would just die on me...
  8. XARiUS

    Speedo Pickup/Sensor Wanted

    I am looking for a speed sensor for an 01 GTI, cant find anything on ebay, so if anyone is parting something out, i am interested. Mine is the 2 wire, but newer 3 wire (w/ lake temp) should work also. PM or reply to post.
  9. XARiUS

    Speed sensor anyone?

    I am in need of a speed sensor, i purchased 1 on ebay that wasnt tested, and turns it it worked sometimes when i coiled it a specific way, which i couldnt do on demand if my life depend on. So, i put the volt meter on the bilge plug and got like 10v when i connect the sensor it goes to 5.5423...
  10. A

    2000 240 Islandia Dies in Mid Throttle.

    This is my first season with the boat. I but it in the water. Idles great. Throttle to 2500 is stable and smooth. Above this it dies like no fuel. Starts right back up at idle. If you power quickly thru the idle to full the boat powers up to 5-6 K and on plane will hold smooth power for...
  11. A

    M2 210, No spark... sensor problem? ran fine, intermittantly, now no go..

    Hi there I have a Seadoo Challenger 1800, 210 M2 that was rebuilt last season after blowing a piston pin. The boat ran great after rebuild, and most of this summer, then randomly wouldnt re-start after sitting in the water for awhile, then it would only start on the trailer, took it to the...