1. J

    2006 gtx sc/ic seized

    I just subscribed to this forum today and overall new to the Seadoo wrenching world I am a car/truck mechanic by trade and have rebuilt tons of engines for them. I have also done motorcycle engine/transmission rebuilds. Ill start off by thanking everyone for their help and patients with this...
  2. homerson

    97 XP piston seized. What to do? (pics)

    I have a 1997 Sea Doo XP. I bought this ski used, in June and have run it for about 10 hours. One trip out it started having reduced performance and could sputtered around. I read about the crappy default fuel lines so I decided to replace them hoping this would fix the issue. I also put on...
  3. explorationdomination

    Advice on Engine Drive - Possible Seizure or Pump Problem?? :)

    Hi Gents New to the forum but I work on board a luxury superyacht with 6 jetskis so looking forward to making a contribution on the forum. My first post is to ask which part of the engine and drive train of a GTX Limited 215 I should be looking at, as the major culprit in a recent...
  4. J

    Engine Seized?

    Hello folks. I am a new owner of a 2001 bombardier LRV. First day I took it out to lake, it stopped running. The impeller assembly was shot, due to prior owner not replacing oil. This was replaced. Was running perfect for 2-3 days. Then noticed a couple of times it cavitated at lower...
  5. B

    Hand Cranking?

    So I'm checking my 1993 GTX and at this point I'm almost certain that the starter is bad. But I want to make sure that the engine isn't seized. I'm NOT experienced with PWC, but I found where the engine can be cranked by hand (directly behind the motor under the plastic cover, right?). My...