seadoo xp

  1. J

    1997 seadoo xp

    Hello this is my first post on here and i just need some help figuring something out I have a 1997 seadoo xp complete rebuilt engine and it tries to turn over but just can’t it sounds like it wants to it has spark everytime we turn it over for about a minute or two it just breaks the clip on...
  2. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 No Power At All

    95 717 XP will not power on at all, completely dark when pressing non DESS post and start button Key post has continuity when pressed Engine turns over when shorting solenoid Replaced MPEM, solenoid, stator, and rectifier to no avail Fuses are good
  3. CharlesNorth

    SOLD 1997 Sea-Doo XP and 1997 Sea-Doo SPX and Jet Ski trailer

    These are sold. Thank you for your interest.
  4. D

    94/95 Seadoo XP MPEM compatibility

    I recently bought a Seadoo XP with a 657x engine that is non-running with no spark. The previous owner said they saw smoke come from the MPEM and so I ordered a aftermarket one that’s compatible with part 278-000-070 (For 587 engines or 92 XP from sellers page). In my jet ski it is part...
  5. lassebjornevik

    1994 SeaDoo XP 657X, no spark

    Hi, I recently bought an old SeaDoo XP and I knew there were problems with the spark. The previous owner said it probably was the Ignition Coil since he had replaced the MPEM. I bought a new coil and replaced the old one, but still no spark... I searched online for troubleshooting guides and...
  6. CreekerMike

    Broken E Box Mounts

    Greetings all, Hope everyone is fairing well through the covid and the cold weather! Now to my question. Is there any known fix or good solution for repairing the small tabs on the back of the e box that lock it into the mounting tray? Overtime they seem to become brittle and in hard riding I've...
  7. CreekerMike

    Mystery Sponsons

    Greetings All, I picked up a parts ski a few weeks ago (95 XP) It had some sponsons on it wich I decided to install on my factory pipe build. None of the parts were marked with a brand or part number. I've done some Google searches but I can't seem to find out what brand they are. Any input is...
  8. CreekerMike

    Seadoo 720 weird oil leak

    Greetings and salutations to all. I got my factory piped 720 assembled and installed this past weekend. I dont have the necessary carbs yet however so its not 100%. I fired it a few times on starting fluid to show some of my buddies. Sadly I saw oil in the hull (this was after an engine out...
  9. CreekerMike

    Seadoo 720 Factory Pipe Water Injection

    Greetings and salutations to all. I recently acquired two factory pipes for the 717/720. Planning on running one on my 95 XP project. Im pretty confident with the jetting/carb setup. But im a little fuzzy on the water injection setup. I have two manifolds. One has the ecwi solenoid and the...
  10. CreekerMike

    95 XP intermittent fuel gauge

    Greetings and salutations to all. Took my 95 XP 720 out this weekend on the river. Fueled up before hand and my gauge was functioning flawlessly. After about 30 minutes my fuel bars disappeared and the light came on. (I figured the baffle took a crap) Fast forward to this morning and I did some...
  11. chrisjet83

    Hydraulic Trim System

    Looking for a hydraulic trim system for my 96 XP and possibly one for my 96 HX if one is out there. Thanks, Chris
  12. Gdgough12

    New engine, adding oil. 1997 xp

    When adding oil to the pto side of the engine, what type of oil do I add? i have a 1997 seadoo XP and I have a case from a 1996 787 engine, So I can’t remove the oil cap. Why do the shop manuals have different oils for the same engine??
  13. J

    1998 seadoo xpl 951 jetting

    I have a 1998 seadoo xpl 951 that i need to rejet i have a r&d flame arrester,R&D intake grate and ride plate,Tdr baffled water box, and solas 15/20 impeller and the engine is .25 over what jets and carb setting do you recommend im in Indiana about 700ft over sea level.
  14. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Constant Crank

    Ski has a dead starter, owner fried it from it constantly cranking, solenoid fried too, I put a new solenoid into it and it clicks again, doesn't turn over because I know the starter is dead. As soon as the key is attached (pre DESS) the solenoid clicks, and is constantly getting energized, pull...
  15. Sebastian Bluecrew

    HELP identify this MSD ignition

    I got this part with a sale, it is an MSD ignition, I bought an XP, 1995 with the 720, he said he had it working with this, I cannot identify it. Anyone know?
  16. CreekerMike

    FOR SALE 95 Seadoo Xp 720 Part out

    I have a 1995 Seadoo XP that im parting out. I obtained the ski with no title and i have too many projects going on so i really just want it gone. It's powered by the 720. If you need any parts feel free to comment or pm me. I know the stator is bad. All the electronics are in decent shape aside...
  17. CreekerMike

    1995 Seadoo XP part out

    Ill start off by saying im not sure if im posting in the right section...But I have a 1995 Seadoo XP that im parting out. I obtained the ski with no title and i have too many projects going on so i really just want it gone. It's powered by the 720. If you need any parts feel free to comment or...
  18. Seadoosxp7201

    Seadoo xp 717 720 jetting

    Seadoo xp 717 is running lean it seems to have a fuel problem. I have rebuilt the cabs put new lines in and have cleaned the tank and replaced a coil and put new ignition wires plugs gas oil cleaned the select valve fuel valve replaced filters head gasket water jacket o rings stuff that just...
  19. S

    1996 Seadoo XP clicks, won't start... but what a journey its been! Please help

    I know there are countless other posts like this, but theres much more to begin with for this jet ski... and I need help. I got this jet ski from my cousin who hadn't run it in 3 years... it was stored in a barn and dry of fluids and was winterized before being put away... I got it running...
  20. T

    How much is a 1998-99 seadoo xp worth?

    My buddies dad is selling a 1998-99 seadoo xp with a brand new motor. He recently had all the gauges replaced and a new starter button.Was wandering how much I should pay? The outside of the ski is in good condition.