seadoo stalling

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    Engine floods or dies when making hard turns to left

    We noticed this last weekend but thought it was a fluke. We just had the boat in the water for 5 hours today and 3 times while making hard left turns the left motor died and acted like it flooded out. Changed the plugs before going out and this happened for the first time today after 3 hours...
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    2002 seadoo gti LE

    got a 2002 gti le and ran it all day. then all of a sudden it stalled. i had filled the machine 3 times and did not put in any oil as i was told it was self injecting. (new to the seadoo world) so at first i thought it stalled as a safety feature for no oil. i put in about 2 litres of oil and it...
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    1994 seadoo gts stalls at wide open throttle

    Hey, I have a 1994 seadoo gts that i bought brand new in 1994, a few years back it started stalling/ running out of fuel, at wide open throttle.when it stalled it would start back up on an extended crank with out touching the throttle. I would then switch it to reserve and it would act fine...