seadoo spx

  1. O

    Engine won’t rev up

    Hey so this isn’t how I expected to come on this forum. I have a 1995 seadoo spx 657 engine and I have a big problem. It starts and runs but when I press the throttle it won’t rev up. I can see the throttle cable moving the carb but can’t seem to have it accelerate. Any help would be greatly...
  2. B

    SPX idle issue and oil from exhaust

    I seeking some help before I end up taking it to a professional. I purchased this 97 SPX back in August. It originally ran fine, but then it began to have issues running to rich and flooding. I took the carbs off and rebuilt them, thinking this could be the cause. I rebuilt the carbs, check the...
  3. Reecey04

    1995 SPX FUEL ISSUE!

    Hey guys! So I’ve had my seadoo SPX for a few years now and it used to run great! Unfortunately it hasn’t been used in around 2 years as it had some problems towards the end. It would start up fine and sound great on the trailer but as soon as we got it in the water it would bog down and only...
  4. khint93

    Seadoo X-4 Georgia meet up

    Hey guys im new to the forum and was wondering how many of us there are on Lake Lanier?! we should meet up once it gets warm enough to enjoy the water.
  5. S

    Sea doo spx 96 wont turn over

    my sea doo spx 96 wont turn over, i bought a new battery and new spark plugs but that didnt help the motor is seized and idk why and when i press the start button the jet ski makes a "cha ching" sound like a coin slot machine, but when i put the key on it does make a beep what might be wrong...
  6. Brholwer

    1996 seadoo xp and spx both still have gray fuel lines

    the spx runs great top speed around 52 mph, but the xp used to run good top speed about 60+ mph, but now it starts to surge and bog after 45 mph, already planning to replace the xp's gray fuel lines, because its running bad but should i replace the spx's gray fuel lines as well even though its...