seadoo rx di

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    RX DI won’t start

    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 SeaDoo RX DI that I recently bought. (it wasn’t running because it needed a new air compressor) I replaced the air compressor (and compressor head) in it and now it makes psi but the machine seems to flood with fuel every time I try start it. It has a strong spark...
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    Please help... first time buyer.

    buying two 2001 seadoo rxdi, both have 78 hours. I am a first time buyer, what are the things i should look at? Of course i am going to test drive both of them. Are these good first time buyer skis? Do they require a lot of up keep? Please Help! Thank you
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    2 Stroke SeaDoos & Parts For Sale

    My Dad restores 2 Stroke Jet Skis as a Hobby, he used to have a big jet ski shop. He has tons of Used SeaDoo Parts, If anyone Needs something. He also is going to Sell most of his 20 SeaDoo Collection, All are 2 Stroke. Most are fast, most are total restores.
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    Digital Display Problems

    Hoping someone here can help me with a problem on a 2000 Seadoo RX DI Millenium Edition I just bought yesterday. The previous owner indicated the display(s) was acting up, mentioning it looks like Chinese writing and he couldn't make out notifications like MPH, among other things. Also, it would...