seadoo gtx

  1. L

    2003 Seadoo GTX problems

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum but I recently bought my first PWC, a 2003 Seadoo GTX with only 60hrs on the clock. After having some fun on the lake with it and running it up to ~75hrs over several weekends, I suddenly noticed a loud hissing/whirring sound upon any acceleration. I idled back...
  2. T

    1994 seadoo bogs down to 1 cylinder after 5 minutes then dies altogether.

    I have a 1994 seadoo gtx that i have recently re-built myself, full engine rebuild, carb rebuild, everything, but the problem i have is i took it out on the water twice and it worked fine, but the 3rd time it bogged down to only running 1 cylinder, so i turned it off for 5 minutes, then it...
  3. Mamba56

    Need help/advice

    Hello! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and help if you have any advice. I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4TEC. It runs and handles great except for the steering is a little stiff due to the steering line being frayed inside of the cabling, I've been told. Any advice on that would...
  4. PolloCalores

    2000 GTX 951 Rebuild Cost

    Hello all, I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing one of my Dad's friends old skis. It's a 2000 GTX Millenium with the carbed 951 motor. He is currently looking to simply get rid of the ski altogether. The engine needs rebuilt and that brings me to my questions. The engine was...
  5. TrevorM

    Help: 2001 Seadoo GTX

    Hey Seadoo-forums! I have read some very helpful stuff on this website and have finally decided to join the community! So first I want to thank everyone who contributes to these forums! Let's get started: I recently purchase a 2001 Seadoo GTX (951 carbureted). The seadoo currently runs pretty...
  6. milenas70

    HELP! Drain plugs open when in water

    Anyone can give me some emergency help? New with jetski and drove drain plugs open in salt water.. yes dumb. Got the jet ski on trailer. Batteries and e box seem to be damaged. Where to start to repair? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks
  7. R

    rave valve ???

    Hi guys This is my first 787 engine Gtx 96 Today I remove the rave valves to cleaning and I found that the guillotines was broken or someone cut it What it is the function of this valve ??? The engine turn freely
  8. C

    Dess Post Issue

    Hello. I am having two, possibly related, issues with my 1997 Seadoo GTX. My first issue is after installing a new Radioshack beeper, I only get two beeps from the DESS post lanyard connection every couple tries. It is very intermittent. I have a couple of questions: -From what I have...
  9. A

    2001 Seadoo GTX Bombardier flooded

    My 2001 Seadoo GTX Bombardier was flooded with water this morning about half way full of water in the engine compartment. I bailed all the water out, pulled the spark plugs to remove any excess water, and started up the waverunner. It took about 10 times to start up, and when it did it idled...
  10. A

    2001 SeaDoo GTX Bombardier Problem >:( Please help!!

    We just bought a used 2001 Sea Doo GTX Bombardier YESTERDAY. It was running flawlessly the whole day on the lake. All of a sudden it randomly started to make sputtering/choking sounds and I wasn't able to go past 10 mph. It sounded like the intake grate was filled with weeds. The red...