sea doo utopia optimax

  1. S

    2002 sea doo utopia 205

    hey first time boat owner here, I bought a 2002 sea doo utopia with the mercury 205 optimax the old owner told us that every ting was good but it was not, the boat starts and runs fine but the rpms are limited to around 3800 and the boat dose not go over 10 mph some times the boat runs good for...
  2. dubthree

    New Sea-Dooer

    Hi All. I bought a 2004 Sea-Doo Utopia 205 with the 250 hp Optimax a few weeks ago. I've taken it out a few times and I'm starting to get used to driving it. Since it is a few years old, I'm sure I'll have some work to do on it so I was going to come here and check out the forums before I do...