sea-doo 210 wake

  1. Hugh S

    New Owner: Sea Doo 210 Wake | New York City / Nantucket

    Hello, Very nice to meet everyone! I am about to close on a 17-hour Sea-Doo 210 Wake (430hp) that was kept on a ball in salt water (yes I know, not the perfect way to dock a jet boat!). I will be trailering it from Nantucket and putting it in a boat slip at the 79th street boat basin in...
  2. G

    New Family Boat

    Gents, I'm in the Market this Show season to buy a New or New to me boat. This will not be my first boat, I Have had my current boat (17' 79 Invader) for about 10 years. It has reached retirement age, and my family has outgrown it. I recently was introduced to Jet boats, and honestly I...
  3. G

    New Family Boat

    Hello everyone, New to jet boats, considering getting one this Winter. I found this site via Google. I'm Active duty Army, and I've had my current boat a 17' 1979 Invader Tri-hull I/O for over 10 years, which I retired her last year. It was time to let her go, and my family has really out...