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    ENGINE QUESTION.. 2006 SCIC 4tec

    Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated .. Took boat out bout 20 times with no issues.. Last time out, on my way back in engine started smoking(white smoke).. Pulled cord.. Ever since it won't start up again.. It cranks and will start up for literally a second or 2 but that's it...
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    Speedster cavitation, bogging and fuel

    Good day I'm new here at the site and my first post I'm having few problems with my 2007 speedster 150 SCIC. Cavitation, bogging and consuming fuel. I bought the boat from a friend of mine, 110 hours on the clock, I took it to the dealer for full service, and have replaced some parts...
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    Speedster 150 2012 or Speedster 200 2006

    Please help me decide I am about to pull the trigger on either a Seadoo Speedster 150, 2012, 260hp with 12Hrs on it in Lucky Green with a wake tower or I have the option of buying a Seadoo Speedster 200 2006 with 74 Hrs on it, It also has a wake tower. I don't know if I should sacrifice...
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    2006 Speedster 200 - Run on one engine?

    Hey all - I've searched the forum and read through the manual and haven't been able to find the answer! Is is safe to run the boat on 1 engine in an emergency situation? (ie. if one engine stops working, suck something up, etc.) I have the twin 215HP SCIC engines. I know it was not safe on...