rxp supercharged 2004

  1. K

    Help! 04 RXP -

    Hi All, I need some help.. I have an 04 RXP with about 105 hours on it and i'm trying to figure out what to do with the Ceramic rings that i hear go out around 100 hours. I have not had any loss of power or any issue ( that i know of ) but my maintenance light did come on during my last ride...
  2. Smokymance

    Looking at a 2004 RXP Typical Thread

    I have read many posts on the RXPs and how the older ones are just to stay away from...i havent really seen anything about the 2004s...but im guessing they are all the same? im pretty much most likely answering my own question but id like some input I am looking at a 04 with 180 hrs...