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    Should I have NOT painted my reed cages

    I took on a 2002 XP limited rebuild and the reed cages were very badly rusted and pitted. I wire wheeled them and primed and painted them. I’m second guessing if paint was a good idea with them essentially mixing fuel and air. So should I strip the paint and go with no coating or should I try...
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    Ultra Newbie Buys 1st Ever Jet Ski - Problems on First Day (Cavitation?)

    Hi Folks! What have I got myself into? I purchased my neighbor's 1997 GTX (86 hours on it) for $1050 with trailer. My kids were begging me to do it. I've never owned a boat or jet ski before nor ever driven with a trailer. Anyhow, I got a hitch installed on the family van and went jet skiing...