rough idle

  1. T

    Low Cyl. pressure Oil on plug

    My grandson’s 2013 GTI 130 SE was wintered last fall with no issues. This spring on startup it’s running rough on idle and blowing blue smoke. Runs fine on high end planned out. I did a compression check no 3 cyl. got 90psi other two cyl. At 150/155PSI. When I removed number 3 cyl plug it was...
  2. B

    2003 seadoo rxdi running rough at idle and goes into limp mode

    I have a 2003 seadoo rxdi I have rebuilt top end and replaced many other parts finally got it going yesterday but even after it warms up it idles terrible and will even stall from time to time after like 2k rpm runs like a top then I went back to the dock to see what’s going on and took the...
  3. Cythebudman

    Happy Fathers Day Guys! Need help!

    Just bought a 2006 GTX Limited 215 and it has a stalling problem at idle on occasion, when jumping or hitting choppy seas, and also when idling down from speed. It will usually rough idle until it kills. When I restart it though, it runs fine??? I thought it could be fouled plugs or bad gas...
  4. seaduuude

    92 Seadoo GTX bogs after 20 minutes

    I have a 92 GTX with a 587 motor. I had the carbs rebuilt a month ago because it ran a little rough. It starts and runs in the water just fine, full power and on plane. After it gets hot, it goes into a cycle of bog, rough idle, full speed for 5 seconds, bogs down, rough idle again, full...
  5. legendarydave

    Bogging problem. Not the normal stuff.

    New member here!! Hey everybody. I'm new here so be freakin nice to me. I've been a mechanic for 18 years, I've owned several different 2 and 4 stroke vehicles. 1 cylinder all the way to 10 cylinders. I've never found a problem that I was unable to solve with or without help. That being...
  6. J

    Seadoo xpdi rough idle

    hey guys experiencing quite a rough idle. goes between 1100 rpm and 1800 rpm. tested the fuel regulator which was 24 psi. tested the fuel pump pressure whilst running which oscillated then whilst running I revved it to 2000rpm and noticed the fuel pressure was around 75 psi which is quite...
  7. S

    Rough Idle, Missing - 2000 Seadoo RX 951

    Hi All, New here but loving this website, it is a great resource. I just bought a 2000 RX this winter and im trying to get it ready for the season. First test run on the lake i was only running in one cylinder and it was bogging when i would try and accelerate. If i worked the throttle i...
  8. R

    02 Sea-Doo RX Runs Rough

    Ok, last weekend I was out cruising on the lake. I wasn't doing anything stupid. Just cruising at 35 mph when out of no where my ski just bogged down and wouldn't go above 10 mph at full throttle. I drove it to shore and got it towed back. Its here in my garage and when you start it, there is...
  9. D

    rpm surge 2003 sportster 4tec

    55 hrs, new plugs. just above idle runs rough with alot of surging until about 1/3 throttle, then runs fine with good power. Tach does not work, so I can't give exact rpm. Any ideas? thanks.
  10. D

    rought idle and low rpm surge on 2003 seadoo sportster 4 tec nonSC

    New to this forum. Seems incredibly helpful. Alot of very knowledgeable folks out there. New owner of a used sportster. 2003 4tec nonSC. Live in Florida, salt water. Had a mechanic inspect. good compression all cylinders, no visible engine problems. Ran fine on hose, though loud. First run...