rotary valve timing

  1. S

    Which Rotary Valve do I need!?

    I recently picked up a non running 94 XP with a 657X. The motor was toast, and the guy i bought it from gave me an extra engine that he was under the impression was a good engine, i went ahead and threw a new top end kit in the new engine before putting it in the ski. The original engine that...
  2. alx401

    need help with rotary valve 94 657x

    installed rotary valve using 149 and 65 degree. Problem is the plate will not line up on both. its at least 10 degree diffrence. Should i split the diffrence and both marks be off a little or one side dead on?
  3. alx401

    94 657x rotary valve not linig up

    According to specs manual timing marks should be at 149 and 65. When i install at 149 the other side is bout 10 degree off. It lines up at bottom of valve opening at about 55 degree. Seems like 130/65 works better but this is definitly a 657x engine. Is there something i am doing wrong. Ive...
  4. P

    challenger 1800 rotary valve timing issue

    I replaced my 787 with a newer motor. I bought a new rotary valve. I am not sure what degree it is supposed to be timed at. I have read on some sites 147 and on others at 130. Also what degree is the actual wheel itself supposed to be for this motor? The wheel I have is 160 degrees. Is this...