1. Kuikkis

    Engine runs and revs but no thrust.

    Hi everyone! I have a tricky problem with my Sea Doo GTI -98 PWC. I was riding in a deep water with slow speed when I heard a cracking sound from my Sea Doo. Engine kept running and it revved but there wasn´t thrust at all. I have now replaced my wear ring and impeller and checked driveshaft...
  2. Shane0524

    Whats wrong with this ski?

    i have a 1996 GTX, i just rebuild carbs, replaced fuel lines, new wear ring, and refurbed impeller....... anyways it seems as if ever since i redid the carbs that it has been not running exactly right. I though it was too rich on the oil pump so i set that properly but now it still bogs on hard...
  3. F

    96 GTX Rev Issues RPM and Other Issue

    Hi, I've just registered on the forum, but have read around site in the past for help. I have a few issues with my 1996 Seadoo GTX (787cc engine) which i will list below. My first issue is a revving problem. Some possibly related background: I recently took off the carbs and choke...
  4. T

    99 GTXrfi won't rev until after 5 minutes

    My 99 GTXrfi is having an issue that has me stumped. When I started it up last week it would not rev over 3300 for a while. Then it started intermittently revving for a while, then finally it ran at full revs fine, so I thought I had blown out the problem. Yesterday, it did the same thing...