rave valve leaking

  1. V

    Leaked Oil on Cylinder Head Cover

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is a bit confusing as it’s my first post. Recently purchased a ‘96 Seadoo Challenger (single 787) and replaced RAVE guillotines and all the springs and plastics with them. I’ve noticed that i’m accumulating a lot of oil build up (possibly fuel mixed with it too) on...
  2. L

    rave valve bellows keep blowing off

    hey i changed my rave valve bellows and the caps and top retaining springs rings that hold them on...put the seadoo in the water and at wot i got my top speed and max rpm 7080 for about 10 secs then it drops right down to 6400 rpm and about 61 mph on the speedo instead of the 70 i was just...
  3. 97SeadooGSX

    Rave Valve Leaking

    One of my rave valves, both just replaced brand new, leaks the premix after running for a short period out of the cap. Is this a sign of something bad to come? Because the ski still runs, great. But I am concerned if i continue to run it like this it will lead to some major problems. What would...