1. N

    95 SPX Fouling Plugs Near Instantly- Wont stay on Plane

    I just bought a 95 SPX bombadier. Runs great on the hose but bogs down under load in the ocean. Additionally, it dies at idle without a little bit of throttle. Compression on both cylinders is 135PSI. Oil injection system is still in place. Plugs are wet after approximately 10 minutes of...
  2. Tudorc

    97 Challenger Slow to Plane - and Warm Start Issues

    Hi - my 97 Challenger is taking forever (15-25 seconds) to get onto a plane but eventually gets up to 37mph at full throttle and 7000 rpms. With two adults on the boat in the rear seats, it won't get onto a plane at all until one adult shifts forward. If I give it full throttle while it is...
  3. Q

    97 XP 787cc - Mods to plane faster?

    PLEASE HELP So i recently bought a 97 SeaDoo XP, the 787cc 110bhp model, which has a hull like the XPL 951cc (can be seen in my display picture). It's the first model with the spring seat. (sorry to be so detailed but i want to make sure i get the right information for my ski). I love my baby...
  4. G

    1996 seadoo gts wont get going fast

    hello i have a 1996 seadoo gts and when you go slow then give it full throttle it doesn't get going that quickely it will go to mid speed not even on a plane then it will slowlee go faster and faster until it gets to full throttle then when you turn at the same speed the engine slows down and...
  5. S

    throttle cable broke

    so my 2000 challenger's right side throttle cable broke and i could use a little advice on how to replace it. i just replaced the reverse cable so routing the cable shouldnt be a problem for me. i dont know how tough the carb end work is? also by the shifter theres a little box on the cable...
  6. S

    cavitation problem?

    so i bought a 2000 challenger with twin 717s 2 months ago. it ran great except it seemed to have an occasional cavitation issue when trying to plane out. was running fine over the past weekend until suddenly it wouldnt plane out at all. just wondering where i should start looking for the...