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    Compression Help

    I have a 1997 Seadoo GTS with a 717 engine: So i was having some problems with my jetski and I took the top end apart and found that my PTO piston Rings had a little rust on them so I replaced the ring and then put a new gasket kit on the top end the only thing I didn't do was have the walls...
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    piston rust

    I have a 717 engine and I was getting it ready for the upcoming season and while doing so I noticed that the piston were locked up so I sprayed some fog oil down onto the piston till I got them free... now everything is moving freely but I noticed what sounds like a scratching sound in the...
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    Cleraning Pistons

    I recently got some advice from a local mechanic and I just wanted to pass it along to ya'll and see if it was good/sound advice before I attempt it on my own ski... First off I have a Seadoo 97 GTS with a 717 engine... and I have noticed as of recently that the engine is not preforming as...
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    What have I done?

    Ok, so most of you will probably be laughing here shortly, If you noticed my ID, yea I got one. Its a 97 GSX, actually felt like I stole one. I went to look at this thing off craigslist guy said marine mech told him it needed a new switch because it would`nt do anything. He had purchased a new...