1. B

    What happened to cylinder #2?

    Hi, So I pulled my spark plugs on my 2016 Spark HO (I'm original owner) and see this (I stuck an inspection camera down the plug holes). It looks like the valves impacted the cylinder on #2? You can see the difference in the plugs too. My family took it out on the last trip and didn't...
  2. H

    787 ugly under head surprise 98 speedster

    In my 1998 speedster the boat engine was not starting right, randomly shutting off, didn’t run right, stall at low rpm, had a vibration/rattling noise coming from back ,etc. I decided to do a full tuneup to see whats up (carbs, new filters, oil, head gaskets, peek inside to check pistons, plugs...
  3. B

    Damaged Pistons (pictures)

    Hi there, I’m new here and I was reading some forums in damaged pistons and was wondering if I can get you guys to look at them with the pictures provided to let me know how this might of happened? Also if I rebuilt it what are my chances this will happen again? I currently have a 97 XP seadoo,
  4. RogerS

    What Cause this Damage?

    I decide to remove the engine and check internally after white smoke and no power at the lake.... discovered bad rings, pinstons and sleeve damages... what cause that?
  5. 92seadoo

    Best top end kit for a high compression 580?

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a full rebuild on my modded 580 that will be running on race gas and as of now I'm debating on the brand of pistons i get. I'm looking at Pro X, Wiseco, and WSM Platinums...I wanted to try Wiseco because thats what i used to run in my dirt bikes but I'm hearing...
  6. sledman1

    4-tec Piston Rod bolts

    Can someone tell me what type of socket to use to remove the bolts that connect the piston rod to the crank? I tried a 12 point 10mm and a torx. both slip on the head of the bolt. Thanks
  7. H

    Blown pistonon SBT rebuild

    Bought an SBT rebuilt 155 hp rotax 4tec for my 2003 Sportster last year. With less than 20 hours on the engine the number 2 piston disintegrated. Put a scope in the spark plug hole and all we saw was connecting rod with pieces of aluminum in the pan. Any one else having problems with pistons...
  8. award64

    Couple of questions for 2000 SeaDoo's RX and GTX/RFI

    Couple of quick questions after a long description. I recently bought a 2000 RX and a 2000 GTX RFI. The GTX did not run and after looking into it, found that it had completely shredded one of the pistons, (See pics) so I decided to replace it with a SBT rebuild. After finally getting that...
  9. J

    What caused this, too lean or lack of oil? Pics attached

    Short story, this engine let go about 30 minutes into the break in period..is there a way to tell if this was caused by a too lean condition or lack of oil?
  10. B

    2001 vs 2004 951 di piston

    Hello fellow seadoo'ers, Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the pistons from a 2001 951 di vs a 2004 951 le di. The BR microfiche displays a different part number, but its common for brp to do that with the same part but different year. Does anyone have a both pistons to...
  11. rhonus

    compression - depression

    Looking for some advice to cheers me up!! I have rebuilt my engine from my GSX and couldn't get it to start. Turns out the compression is 50. No I didn't miss the 1 of 150. It is 50 and it drops to 0 on both cylinders. When I stop cranking. As I mention in a previous post I put the ski in...
  12. S

    1994 SeaDoo SPI Help!?

    I've recently bought a 1994 SPI and before I got it guy ran it For me, etc. When I brought it home I decided to run it again, just to hear it and put it to rest for the rest of winter. As I started the machine it turned over amazing, and when it started it sounded good (for the first five...
  13. T

    4Tec Do you think my piston and cylinder still in good shape ?

    4Tec Do you think my piston and cylinder still in good shape ?
  14. A


    Hi sea dooers.. I recently bought seadoo speedster 1996 model.. Twin engine 85x85 one engine used to shut down so thought of checking on the piston since pressure was low 110 where other engine was giving 150... My mechanic opened the engine head to chk on piston life finding out 1 piston...
  15. XARiUS

    Need a 717 Piston

    I am in dire need of a 717 piston and rings, is anyone got any around or parting anything out?
  16. J

    wrist Pins needle bearings, HELP!

    I was using a improvised wrist pin puller and exploded the pins everywhere. I have been fishing in and around the engine with a magnet for hours. Does any one know exactly how many pins there are? 33,34,35?????? THX
  17. A

    787 piston ring replacement

    okay waterdogs i need help. my gsx has no compression on the front cyl and i need some tips to replace the rings. do i need to take out the motor (787)? and how can i block the faulty oil pump that caused this? any pictures would be very helpful...thanks guys
  18. B

    1995 seadoo hx siezed

    Ok. So my buddy gave me a 1995 seadoo hx that was sitting outside for three years. I have fixed about 3 different things that were wrong with it. I had to buy a knew starter because it was so rusted it would not move but now their is a bigger problem. The motor is siezed and i dont know what...
  19. I

    WSM pistons and rings

    It appears obvious to you pros but this is my first rebiuld on a seadoo all is great with the motor thanks to you guys. No more buttering you up..... The WSM pistons come with a ring set,but one ring is very different than the other.Has like a lip on one. So????But which is the top ring...