1. Minnetonka4me

    NEW parts thread!!! Now with links to pictures! 89-Present 50+ machines! GSX XP SP

    Do not hesitate to call, email, or PM me for anything you are looking for. WEBSITE Nick 612-886-7300 · Used parts; we have everything!!! Stock, performance, aftermarket · New parts; Frequently needed OEM parts; everything you need for your restoration ·...
  2. M

    1997 SeaDoo GS 720

    1997 SeaDoo GS 720 sponson??? A buddy recently had my ski out and ran the left hand side of it into our raft... He cracked the left hand sponson off the side. I ordered a replacement (for $70 w/ shipping) and it arrived today. The original sponson was purple, but of course, they don't make...