optimax 250

  1. Guarracs

    Optimax Reed Replacement

    Hey guys looking for a little insight, I have a 2002 seadoo challenger with a 250 optimax. I want to change the reeds as one has chipped. Can I change the 6 petal stainless steel system with a 5 petal carbon fiber system like found on the 250 pro/ xs model without doing any damage Both reed...
  2. R

    2004 Utopia 205 Optimax Pump Refresh

    I am the original owner of a 2004 Utopia 205 with the 250hp Optimax. The pump has been cavitating for quite a while and pulling skiers is a challenge (not a lot of torq and lots of cavitation). I suspect that it's time for a rebuild. Doing a bit of research, there is not a replaceable wear...
  3. Big_Port

    Merc 250 Optimax

    Purchased a one owner, 2002 Challenger 2000 with the 250 Optimax. I'm finding very little info here and elsewhere about this motor. For instance, the Oil Injection by pass is something I'm interested in researching a bit more IF this engine suffers the same issues at the 240? Otherwise, I...
  4. T

    50 dollar tow. Islandia 250 opti no fuel to rail please help!

    Hi fellow merc owners. 2nd time in my islandias life that it's been towed. Last was due to a broken belt. This time it is fuel starvation. When I squeeze the strader valve out comes air. From the compressor but no fuel? I removed the spin on and drained it No water in it. I turn key...
  5. P

    Optimax 250 slow speed control issue.

    Need help, Have a 2004 Utopia with a optimax 250. The low speed steering control only works when steering full left. Won't work full right. Tried adjusting the sensors but to no avail. What is the common problem with these controls. Thanks in advance for your help...
  6. D

    Howdy from DFW

    I just got an 04 Polaris LE 2100 powered by a opti 250DFI (jet drive m2). I am new to jet power but have owned several boats in the past. Engine and all seems fine but My luck was not so good on the drive. I plan on tearing it down just to the stator and replace seals on it since I found it to...
  7. J

    2003 Optimax 250 plug change how to

    Hi Everyone, Love the site, especially since I am newbie. I just bought a 2003 Utopia 205 with the Optimax 250. She ran great over the past few weeks but now she will not rev above 3000 and I want to change the plugs. The question is how do I get to the plugs? :confused: Do I need to...