oil consumption

  1. Michael Haveman

    787 RFI drinking oil.

    I had my seadoo 3d 787 RFI out last weekend and it filled up with water, engine included. I pulled the plugs and blew out the water. I got it running again but now the oil is pumping in like crazy with white smoke coming out heavy from the exhaust. Am I in to replace the whole oil pump or could...
  2. R

    1996 GTX oil Consumption

    I have two 96 gtx's that seem to run very well. One has a rebuilt engine the other is still original. I seem to go through alot of oil when I run them. There is no oil in the hull showing a leak so I am wondering if this is normal. I have to fill the resevior two or three times if I run them all...
  3. C

    Oil consumption versus gas consumption on GTX

    I've tried to keep track but have been unable to determine roughly how many tanks of gas (15 ga) I can get out of one full reservoir (1.6 ga) of oil? Anyone figured this out?