oil and smoke

  1. T

    Low Cyl. pressure Oil on plug

    My grandson’s 2013 GTI 130 SE was wintered last fall with no issues. This spring on startup it’s running rough on idle and blowing blue smoke. Runs fine on high end planned out. I did a compression check no 3 cyl. got 90psi other two cyl. At 150/155PSI. When I removed number 3 cyl plug it was...
  2. To2d

    oil in the spark plug plug tubes

    i have a 99 speedster SK (2x720) and while winterizing it i noticed more black "thin" oil in one of the engines spark plug tubes "both of them" then normal. This is the same engine that has always smoked a white/gray when cold. The engine runs great and sounds great. Starts right up and...
  3. Michael Haveman

    787 RFI drinking oil.

    I had my seadoo 3d 787 RFI out last weekend and it filled up with water, engine included. I pulled the plugs and blew out the water. I got it running again but now the oil is pumping in like crazy with white smoke coming out heavy from the exhaust. Am I in to replace the whole oil pump or could...