oil alarm

  1. S

    Sea doo gtx 215 100 hours P1520 Code Error

    Hi! Im new here and my english its not perfect so i will try my best. I have a sea doo gtx 215, it has somelike 100 hours. Im using it in sea water, and i used it for 45 minutes straight, and the engine stops and show the code p1520, then oil pressure failure. I had the same problem last year, i...
  2. S

    Oil alarm M2 doesn’t start

    Hi Everyone My sea doo utopia with m2 engine after 6months wintering starts ok make a little 5 min run in the water. Onces in port clean it up and start engine. 2 min later alarm starts and I stop the engine. The system doesn’t leave the engine start Oil light is on Levels are ok Thanks you for...
  3. S

    Oil level speedster 1997

    Just curious what anyone thought. But clearly I have enough oil in the tank. It’s maybe half gone so I know I have enough. But whenever I have 3 people in the thing or more. The oil light comes on and stays on. When I’m alone or with 1 person it won’t at all. Is this normal ? If I can see oil...
  4. Andrew gti130

    How to fix limp mode on P0524 error code

    Hey guys my check engine light came on with the error code p0524 which is oil pressure or oil pump, checked the dip stick to find it dry, so I filled up the oil but that light didn't go away and the ski was in limp mode. If you have this problem check your oil level and oil filter to make sure...
  5. D

    Sea doo RTX-X 255 (2008) Oil alarm non-stop continuous flatline beep noise.

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Glad to be a part of a very informative and helpful community such as this! Here is my issue: when I turn on my Seadoo and give it gas the oil icon pops up and a continuous beep gets turned on. RPM's automatically drop and I am unable to keep them up. What could be the...
  6. B

    2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec and i have had it for about two years now. it starts up perfectly fine and when i try to start going it wont go above about 20 mph and the rpm's are redlining and then the oil light comes on and starts beeping really loud and i cant remember if i turn it off or it...
  7. T

    RXP 2005 OIL Alarm on Display Engine Damage

    Hi, I have just replaced my engine chain, crank and conrod bearings, inner components of both oil pumps, gaskets, etc.... At first the RXP was working well, then I started having an OIL message on the display and the watercraft went on LIMP mode. After that, the guy that was working on it...