no power

  1. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 No Power At All

    95 717 XP will not power on at all, completely dark when pressing non DESS post and start button Key post has continuity when pressed Engine turns over when shorting solenoid Replaced MPEM, solenoid, stator, and rectifier to no avail Fuses are good
  2. D

    03 gti le rfi no power

    Been chasing down a false over heating (continuous beep w high temp upon starting) replaced WTS and ATS decided to replace the battery while I was at it. Put the new battery in Now the ski won’t do anything. No beeps no info on screen. No power at all. I tested positive and ground cables. Ground...
  3. RahulK101

    2009 Speedster 200 - Engine Turns Over but No Electrical Accessories Work????? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello, Boat is a 2009 Seadoo Speedster 200 with the twin 4TEC supercharged engines. Has 190 hours on it. We had it on the water the other day and the RPMs were very high (around 8000) while the boat was doing between 10-15 km/h. I checked the engine bay and noticed lots of water as the...
  4. J

    Need Help 01 GTX RFI in Austin, TX - request for shop

    I am looking for a shop that can help with my 2 stroke RFI in Austin, TX area. I have called all the places and none will touch it. Guess they don't have the expertise or just don't want to mess with the RFI skis. If it was carb'd there would be several options. Hoping someone can point me...
  5. D

    Trouble Turning over

    Good morning everyone. I am having some issues with my 95 seadoo XP 717. It started with a simple bad starter. I pulled the ski replaced the starter and went out for a test run. I had absolutely no power and blew a huge cloud of blue smoke. Shut it off next thing you knew it wouldn’t start...
  6. Asrich

    ECM Swap

    I have a 2008 GTX 155 that has an intermittent no power/no start issue. I put the key on the post and nothing happens. Main relay does not switch on. Battery is good. Wait about 10 minutes and the ski starts, but will cut out after a bit And will not power up for about 10 minutes. I can put the...
  7. A

    2005 GTX SC - Rebuilt supercharger - no power

    First post on here but I am lost and need some direction. Couldn't find anything in the search. I have a 2005 SeaDoo GTX SC 185hp. I have next to no experience with these 4 stroke engines. I purchased this Ski a month ago with 85 hours and it was in perfect working order. I noticed that I was...
  8. joyride

    HELP! 2008 Seadoo Challenger 180 - Ran Out Of Gas & Now It Wont Go Fast

    Help. I recently purchased a 2008 seadoo challenger 180 and had the following services done. New spark plugs. Oil Change. New Voltage Regulator. New Impeller Boot. First day on the water after these services, I ran out of gas. I knew I was going to run out of gas so I was going FULL THROTTLE...
  9. zschwalbe4

    96 SPX No Power after starter came out on the water... please help!

    Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I can usually get the info I'm looking for by reading old threads but this problem has me stumped because I haven't worked with the electrical system much. Heres the story: The seadoo is in great shape inside and out. The starter went bad a...
  10. J

    Total Power Failure

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and run a 2012 GTX155, great condition with a rebuilt engine. I was running it this weekend and after a hard landing over a wake, the PWC shut down completely. No power to the cluster, no beeps when I press the start button, and the speedo & tach gauges are...
  11. T

    starting issue, no power to 30 amp relay.

    its a 2008 GTI SE 155. I cant get a wiring diagram. The ski was acting finicky and I noticed problems with the small 30 amp relay in the smaller fuse box. I have a bunch of sea-doos and every once in a while nothing will happen when you put in the key. Just pulling an re-seating this relay...
  12. M

    2001 Utopia lacking power - intake issue?

    I have a 2001 Utopia with a Merc 210. Had it out yesterday, all was fine. Just took it out, and it has no power when I try to accelerate. If I accelerate very slowly, it will eventually get some speed going, but only with a high RPM. And when I try to give it more power, it revs but does not...
  13. S

    Sportster - lots of power but no go

    We had our 2006 Sportster 150 out this morning and it ran great. This afternoon, tried to head out and it ran fine up to about half throttle. At that point, it revs up to 8000 rpm and acts like it wants to go but can't. We picked up seaweed in the past and we tried our usual process of...
  14. M

    2004 RXP Vibrations 2k RPMS and higher

    A brief history of the ski: My brother bought this ski roughly 4-5 years ago and other than oil changes no other maintenance has been done. It currently has just a hair over 200 hours on it. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that when it was bought it had maybe ~120 hours on it. I...
  15. J

    Seadoo 3D 2 stroke--warning light keeps flashing after a few minutes

    I bought a 2004 or 05 Seadoo 3D non fuel injected. Don't know exact year exactly. We don't have a Seadoo dealer around here so I thought I'd throw this problem out there. My jetski starts and runs fine for a while, then the warning light starts flashing red and I lose some power. If I shut...
  16. C

    No power to anything

    so i bought a 2000 rx 951 about 2 months ago with a bad rod bearing. so i replaced the motor got everything hooked up and come to find out nothing has power? i have the positive cable on the starter the neg in the hole right next to it. i also checked all the fuses and they are all good what...
  17. M

    96 GTI revs but no power

    After i took my 96 GTI off a 3 foot wave it began to run like sh**. If you punch full throttle at a dead stop you hear the engine revving(slightly higher pitched revving then normal) but there is little to no propulsion. If you let off a little, it will pick up and go and you can "baby" it into...