1. E

    New to forum (help needed)

    Good day, Could someone please assist with 2 x questions-bought a jetski with no paperwork/manual. 1st question: Got this detail of the end of the ski: YDV35827A505-cannot seem to find any detail on specific model/year. 2nd question: Where would I be able to purchase a ECU for this ski, as...
  2. N.YORK0913

    Newbie 2004 utopua 205 with 250 optimax

    Hello everyone how are you. So I'm completely new to the seadoo boats. I have plenty of technical questions if one of you experts would mind sending me a message I have questions about the 250 opti max Thank you and I'm sure I'll be reading threads like a mad man Thanks Nick OK so I'm...
  3. A

    Newbie here needs help!

    Hey guys, first-time owner and poster here. My husband and I just scored a 2004 GTX Wake with 150 hours from my uncle and have only taken it out four times. This past Sunday, we had the sea doo out for most of the day with zero isssues, after running out most of a full tank of gas, I pulled it...
  4. O

    Water in block and drain leak

    So i bought a 1997 Seadoo challenger on Sunday and it is my first boat ever... Hurrayy!!!!! When i got there the guy connected the hose and started it up and it ran just fine. I took it out yesterday and the boat was very boggy and within a minute of putting it in the water, water was leaking...
  5. A

    'Allo! 'Allo! 'Allo! Whats going on 'ere then!? :D

    I'm actually a Yamaha guy but have always wanted a Seadoo (originally up North in Valdez as a wannabe Skidoo snowmachiner with an Arctic Cat!) but determined, since my 2000 black ice incident, to go marine now as a disabled elder. Opportunities abound in SE Alaska for fun on PWC's but safety...
  6. E

    NEWBIE: Just bought my first jet boat...what now

    Hey guys, just bought a Sea-Doo Challenger (year 2000) that apparently has been properly stored and had the carbs re-built last year. My question is when the weather warms up what are the top things i need to do as a new owner. I.e. ensure certain things are checked out/replaced? Erwin
  7. Nike12000

    Hi guys and about me.

    Hi guys just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Stephen and I have been on the water since I was 2 weeks old seriously my mom has pictures.... I have had multiple boats and water craft growing up as well as now as an adult. I currently have a 99 Yamaha 1200 xl LTD and as of...
  8. screamingpumpkin

    New to the forums! Coming from arctic michigan---rxt-x 260

    Hello all! Of course i am typing this thread as an awareness to my newbieness to this forum page! Outdoors is my favorite place to be. My interests lye with anything that is powered with a motor! Dirtbikes, streetbikes, cars, pwc's... Im a young lad, 20 years young with big dreams and...
  9. T

    Newbie 1996 Challenger owner - some basic questions

    This is my first post other than my introduction in Meet and Greet. I was recently given a 1996 Challenger that had a corroded engine but got that replaced so it's brand new (2 days old). We've had the boat out only once but love it. I have a few questions that seem stupid but I don't know...
  10. T

    Newbie owner saying hello0

    I'm a new owner of a 96 Challenger. It was a gift. Has a brand new engine installed recently. Looking forward to using the forums to learn a lot and better use my boat. I have perused some posts and there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks on here. I will be posting in a more specific...
  11. darrellp

    Hello from a Newbie in Orlando!

    Hello, I was recently 'quasi-gifted' a 2005 Challenger 1800 with only 100 hours on the clock by my brother on the 3rd of August, but the only things I know about marine activities comes from 8 years in the US Navy, so I figure my learning curve will be steep for a little while. But, based on my...
  12. M

    Looking at a pair of 2004 GTX 4-tec

    Hello! I am currently in the market for a pair of nice used skis. Today I saw a set of 2004 GTX 4-tec's that looked in good shape from their pictures and are being sold by a dealer in DE. I will be vacationing out there this weekend and was planning on heading over to look at them. They are...
  13. G

    Newbie from Edinboro, Pennsylvania

    Greetings all... Stumbled upon this wonderful site, searching for the right products to maintain an older boat. Thank you to everyone for making this place happen. I'm sure that'll be hearing from me soon enough. Take care!
  14. K

    Hello from Florida!

    Hello everyone! I am the Marketing Director & eBay sales person at The Jet Ski Store in Clearwater/Pinellas Park, Fl. If you ever need any help with anything, please contact me or look us up at We do service, retail sales, eBay sales and online sales. If you're too far...
  15. C

    New member from Spain, hi to everyone, and thanks for this great forum.

    I just arrive, this is my first post so this is for everyone here :cheers:, great job with the forum. I just bought a second hand 2006 Utopia 205 310hp, not yet in the water because I need to the a check and minor fixes before but unfortunatelly all near sea doo services are booked up to...
  16. R

    Looking for advice on buying a pair of used 3 seaters for family

    Hi all - love the forum, been searching boats the boat side and the pwc for while now (wife thinks I'm slightly out of my mind... but that's ok). I'm looking to pick up a pair of 3 seaters for river, lake and maybe (very maybe) ocean use here in SoCal. I'm trying to budget around $4000 including...
  17. D

    Hi there!

    New to the PWC world, i recently became the owner of a 97 GTX and 97 XP in a swap of services with a customer. Definetly finding out I have allot to learn about workings of the 787. Lots of systems I dont completely understand yet but i am a fast learner. Look forward to chatting with everyone...
  18. S

    97 speedster wake board tower

    Has anyone installed a wake board tower on a 97 speedster? if so any pics would be great aslo any perfered brands.
  19. F

    I'M IN! Giggity Giggity Goo!

    Hi everyone :). Finally into the sport! I bought a 2006 GTI SE 130 total of 25hrs on it. Has been sitting for 1 and a 1/2 years w/ about half a tank of gas. Going to syphon that out and put in fuel stabalizer. All maintenance has been kept up but I do need a new battery. Is the Walmart...