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    Impeller Assembly seems locked on to fiberglass transom, any ideas?

    Hey all, Last weekend I started getting my 1994 GTS ready for the summer and upon visual inspection, noted that I needed to replace the wear ring. Following the manual's instructions, I removed all the bolts and ball joints, and the assembly seems locked to the back of the transom. There...
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    Basic questions 2000 GTX

    I have a 2000 SeaDoo GTX Millennum and I have the following questions: 1. Does this jet ski have a bilge pump? If yes, how does it turn on? 2. When I get a flashing maintenance light how do I know what the maintenance problem is? How do I get to the codes and figure out what the code...
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    HELP with question on Speedster 150

    Guys & Gals, I am new to the Seadoo thing but have interest in purchasing a used 2007 and or 2008 150 speedster this week. I have found two for sale in my area and I have some questions for others who have experience with this watercraft before I buy which are: What type of things...