m2 jet drive

  1. Gr8laker

    SOLD 2000 Islandia, Merc. M2 V6 240hp, 2 cycle, runs like a champ

    Just changed the spark plugs and it screams on the water. Always fires right up, even after winter storage. Everything is original and in great shape. No tears in cushions. Some sun fading and scratches on hull. This has the pop up camper top complete with porta-potty. Includes...
  2. S

    2001 challenger 1800 sat for 10 years

    Hi, I have 4 questions I hope you guys can answer. 1)I have a 2001 challenger 1800 240 EFI that sat for 10 years. Just put in a new battery and when I turn on the key a relay (lookin at the motor from the drivers seat - right side) just keeps clicking and the starter spins but does not...
  3. U

    Are the bolt holes in the Wear Ring Housing threaded?

    I have a 2001 Utopia with Mercury 210 hp M2 Jet. I took the Nozzle Assembly and Stator off with little problems. But, while removing the bolts holding the the wear ring to the drive housing, I broke one of the long SS bolts (the one on the bottom right). It sticks out of the inner wear ring bolt...