1. C

    Any old pics or videos showing in-hull of factory fresh LRV

    Does anyone have or know of a source for 'fresh off the assembly line' pics of a Seadoo LRV? I am specifically interested in images showing the original routing of the Vent Hoses (part #s 291001473, 291001441 and 204070575). I have checked the parts diagrams and service guides and it is not...
  2. A

    2000 Seadoo LRV cranks but wont turn over

    Hi there! Hoping I can get some help with my 2000 Seadoo LRV. Long story short - I purchased this 7 years ago, it ran great. Unfortunately, it broke down a few years in and we had to replace the engine. Refurbished SBT Engine (Sea-Doo premium engine 951 Silver LRV 1998-03) installed and...
  3. M

    LRV or SUV advise.

    I am considering the purchase of a four seater PWC to pull my kids around. Please rank the following units based on your experience and feel free to explain. Seadoo LRV with: 951 Carb. over 125 Hours 951 Carb. rebuilt approx. 25 Hours 951 DI under 100 Hours 951 DI over 100 Hours 951 DI...
  4. F

    2002 Seadoo LRV, 88 Hours, California, Great for Riding or Fishing, For Sale

    Decided to sell my LRV with my first kid on the way and upgrade to a boat. Been a lot of fun and runs great, let me know if you have any questions or feel free to come take a look at it or take it our for a spin in Dana Point...
  5. greyrider

    LRV 951 - new engine - no water out either pee hole

    Been a while since I have posted- but here is the deal. 2000 LRV 951 carb - Silver engine Installed rebuilt motor (complete) over the past few weeks. I took extra care, followed every step, took breaks and re-read everything while I did this. Motor was done by PWCEngines (could be...
  6. V

    LRV rear vent hose(s)...what are they for?

    I have an LRV 2001 that apparently is missing the vent hose/conduit on the rear of the hull that are connected under the rear seat. They appear to direct some sort of fumes to the outside, but no sure what they connect to inside the hull? :facepalm: Anyway, my sea-doo is missing these and...
  7. S

    2000 Sea-Doo LRV 951 motor / Mikuni BN46i Carb rebuild

    Hi, I got a 2000 LRV that only had 25 hours on it, and had been stored inside for the last 10 years. It is beautiful, but when I went to use it late last summer I learned it had the grey fuel lines. So anyhow I have removed the carbs (wow, what a pain) and in disassembling the mag carb I...
  8. P

    warranty help

    BRP does not answer its phones for customer help-they just say call back later. Are they out of buisness? I have an extended warranty on a LRV model that was leaking water in the engine compartment due to bad drain lines from the foot wells to the rear drain holes. Anyone had this problem or...