1. Aaron787gsx

    Does anyone know what these holes are on the side I know what one is not the other

    Hey everyone just out of curiousity was wondering if anyone knew what these 2 holes were on the lifer side of the ski I know one is for the fuel tank for the vent line but the other one I followed back and it doesn’t go to anything.
  2. Shane0524

    oil injection pump sync question?

    I got my ski running great now after a mess with a carb rebuild, I had one of the little hinge pins from the needle arm not correctly in its slot and it was causing a leak. It's just A Bit rich on oil though. When you set the oil pump lines, where should the throttle position be? I set the lines...
  3. R

    Fuel line length?

    Hey everyone! I have a '95 GTS. Anyone have any clue about how long and how big the lines should be? I've go the grey ones in there now so I need to get those out!
  4. A

    grey fuel lines???? 1998 GTI

    I am getting ready to replace the grey fuel lines. Any other things I should replace, check, inspect? I have a 1998 GTI with a rebuilt engine in 2008. it has 25 hours. Thanks for all HELP Mike