1. cfellers

    Navigation Light Islandia NavLight, Red, Port Side, 204470409

    Does anyone know where I can get a Navigation Light, Red, Port Side, 204470409 need one. Nowhere in stock stateside.
  2. L

    2005 Speedster 200 4tec SC 185 won't start, check engine light help

    Hi guys- Need some advice. I was running the boat today and heard a long beep while driving but didn't notice any problems. Ran for a bit longer and then shut it down and anchored for a bit. When I when to start up, I connected the DESS, got two beeps. One engine started fine and the other I...
  3. Andrew gti130

    98 xp oil light

    Hey I'm working on a mates 98 xp engine type 947 and just came across something I'm not to sure about. The oil light just came on but it the ski runs pre mix. He bought the ski off a guy that gave him no info about the ski. It still has the oil tank in the front with the sensor still...
  4. Charleston

    1996 Challenger bow light

    The originals are all brittle and I would like to replace with a new model for my 1996 Seadoo Challenger jet boat. This would be #27 on the Electrical Accessories tab and P/N 278000604. I am thinking Attwood sells something same profile/dimensions. Thanks Charleston
  5. JuanchoPWC

    Maintenance light reduce power..??

    Hey guys... As the tittle says... Is this possible..?? Im asking because my light is on and i feel my seadoo is not responding in Low RPMs... My Seadoo GTX gets power when i hit the throttle up to 6,500-7,000 RPMs... Btw, i will take my Seadoo to SnowCity to get the light clear up this week...
  6. can128

    2000 GTX DI Maintenance Light 4000rpm max...

    I have a 2000 GTX DI with 239hrs, had a full once over done 4 weeks ago (wear ring replaced, compression tested at 135psi per cylinder, replaced plugs), and it was running beautifully for the long weekend 3 weeks ago. Have had it sitting on my driveway since, went to start it today to begin...
  7. R

    1997 Seadoo GTS Oil System Troubleshooting

    My 1997 Seadoo GTS has been in the family its whole life and this forum has been very, very good to me. So thanks for that. But now I am having a issue now that I cant seem to find any conversations that fit my issue completely. Here goes..... Oil Light came on...
  8. A

    1993 GTX oil light

    I have a 1993 gtx and the oil light does funny things. It is off at low-mid RPM's and then flickers or is on when at high RPM's. My oil tank is on the bottom half, but my question is......Is the light for oil pressure in the motor, or oil tank low? I thought 2 strokes didn't have "oil pressure...