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  2. B

    Carbon ring leaking excessively

    Just replaced both carbon rings in my skis (done this before and know how to do it correctly) however I put one of them in the water and with out turning the ski on it just started leaking right in between the stainless steel ring and carbon ring. The other ski doesn’t do this. I was wondering...
  3. L

    Leak filling hull

    I’m looking for help to fix this leak. About sank when we beached the ski and went to eat dinner. Looks like a hard place for a DIY person to reach. It’s coming out of hole that controls steering paddles. Ski fills and when we pulled out it poured out. Removed the screws and saw a rubber washer...
  4. Aaron787gsx

    Sea doo keeps taking water in hull

    Hey everyone so I got an issue with my 1996 sea doo GSX 787 motor. I keep getting water into my hull and I had already replaced my carbon ring and the VTS boot on the jet pump due to it being torn. I checked the exhaust cause I know that they are somewhat known for cracking and didn’t seem to...
  5. S

    1998 Sportster 85HP - expert help desperately needed

    Hey all - I think I'm in a world or trouble! Boat is a 98 85HP single sportster. Last year before packing up the boat I had all sorts of trouble getting it to plane; felt like the propeller was slipping and it would simply "spin out". After doing some reading I figured it must be the...
  6. S

    2000 seadoo xp is leaking

    my 2000 seadoo xp is leaking from the rear somewhere. any suggestions?
  7. W

    1996 GSX steering cable

    I had the plastic nut on my GSX break off. I am now trying to re assemble the steering cable and all components. I put it all together and it is leaking. I see the diagram on seadoopartsnation, but it doesn't show how to put it back together and what parts go on outside and what parts go...
  8. B

    No Carbon Ring???

    Hey guys, first off I want to say thanks to all who contribute to this forum. I've never posted before because i've always been able to search and find solutions to the problems I had. Ok, so here's the deal. I took my 1996 GTX the other day and noticed it took on water; A lot of water...
  9. D

    Anyone had a leaking stator?

    Anyone had a leaking stator? You can fix it yourself ! Recently got a m2 jet drive with 250 optimax attached to a 22 foot Polaris Made by BAJA one ton (2050lbs) boat. While catching up service, I found that the drive oil was like tar (pretty nasty) but no water in it. I changed it out with...
  10. W

    99 XP Limited taking on water

    I recently bought a used 99 XP Limited. Upon first ride the PWC is taking on water rather quickly. I checked for any hull leaks and that is not the problem, no water enters the hull when PWC is off and sitting in water. The PWC is taking on water rather quickly at idle and speed. The exhaust...
  11. B

    leaking sporster -05

    Hey! I just bought a Seadoo sportster 05. The problem is that it is leaking water into the engine compartment. When the boat is on dry land and I fill the engine comparment with water with a hose, water was leaking out from where the water is supposed to get in to the impeller. Probably the...