1. S

    Carbs not feeding same amount of fuel

    I recently rebuilt both of my carbs for a 96 GTI with the OSDMarine kit that specifies no need to set popoff pressure (return to OEM kit i believe). At the time I rebuilt my carbs I thoroughly went through and cleaned everything. Yesterday, I started the engine fine by pouring a splash of gas...
  2. J

    1995 GTX High Speed Jet sizing

    I just seized my rear cylinder in my 1995 GTX 657 engine and need some help preventing it from happening again. There was a small crack on the rotary valve cover MAG side top which I found after performing a leak down test. I'm going to replace the rotary cover, top end rebuild and new crank...
  3. k_24

    rebuilding and rejeting 951 carburateur question

    thinking of rebuilding my carbs myself for the first time on my 2002 951 xp everyone talks about rejjetting carb when rebuilding it can someone explain in details i don't understand am i replacing old jet with a new one or installing a bigger jet and if installing a bigger jet which one...
  4. Kwik_uk

    140mm leaky pump replacement alternatives and upgrades

    Hi folks, I've got a 99 GTI which has a leaky 140mm pump. It's a slow leak, and oddly oil will drain, but it won't fill with water. I've pressure tested it and it won't hold 10 psi for longer than a few minutes. I'm going to be using the ski well into the colder months on one of our local...
  5. Nike12000

    Our jetting summer so far

    When she was new... Only one that didn't load in hd for some reason. Compilation of different days Slow mo jet wake Old Yamaha 1200 xlt
  6. T

    1997 Sea Doo GSI

    Hey guys quick question for the sea doo community :) We recently went to look at another jet ski a 1997 GSI. It's really clean everything on it works and is functional on it, but the compression in each cylinder reads 120 for both. Which seems low. What do you guys think? Let me know! Thanks
  7. D

    PLEASE HELP NEW-B.. Jet pump shaft wont fit new bearings

    Hi all- Im new here; I hope I am doing this right and in the right section. I have a 97 GSX. I pulled the jetpump to do a rebuild. Got the new needle bearings etc... and the shaft will smoothly go through the rear bearing but not the other bearing. I thought it was maybe defective or...
  8. S

    New Guy Needs Help

    Bought a 1996 speedster about a month ago. I love it so far. As I have driven it, I notice that when it planes I have to keep the steering wheel turned all the way to the left to go straight. If you let go of the wheel, the boat pulls hard to the right. I have turned the steering wheel straight...
  9. T

    2002 GTX DI - Possible Jet Pump Issue

    Hi all, I have a 2002 GTX DI, It always had an annoying rattle sound on idle but went away when throttled was opened. This past weekend I got it out of the water and started it when I revved it up the loud rattle did not dissapear. It sounds like it it coming form the back so I assume the...
  10. nwittema

    2 Q's: Fiberglass Renewal & Pump Rattle

    Hi All, I have a few questions about my jet pump. 1.) Is there a service out there to restore fiberglass hulls to the smooth finish they once had? I don't care much about looks, but a smoothed clear coat to cover all the scratches from beaching would be nice for my old girl. What would be...
  11. nwittema

    Changing jet pump oil - can I use ANY loctite??

    I'm changing the oil in the pump I just put in my ski. Can I use any type of loctite on the plug in the nose cone or do I need a specific kind? Also, I removed and polished/painted my intake grate, and I noticed there was some sort of sealant applied before. Does anyone know what this...
  12. nwittema

    WTB used impeller (2000 gtx) 217-000-920

    I need to replace my old impeller which was siezed and had to be torched out. See my other threads I also need the impeller shaft and housing. I have the cone reservoir and HAD the bearings until the package was stolen from my doorstep.... Thanks for your help!! :seeya:
  13. S

    SeaDoo Explorer Price to SELL

    link to boat: PRICE DROP....NEED GONE :willy_nilly: Up for sale is a 1993 sea doo explorer jet boat. it is in amazingly excellent condition for its year. Comes with... Trailor 2covers tool kit, fire ext., flairs, horn, 2...
  14. D

    Is a 1994 Sea Doo XP worth $2000 with a trailer and hoist?

    The hoist is a good, four legged standalone, not a davit with a sling. And the trailer is newer than the jet ski and in good shape. I test drove it and it started and ran good. I didn't really open it up because it was so rough. The price was 2500 but he said he'd take 2000. It seems to be all...
  15. jimatsamrayburn

    '00 Seadoo Challenger Jet boat - Twin engine

    Seadoo Challenger Jet boat - Twin engine - $6300 (Nacogdoches, TX) REDUCED PRICE!!! `00 SeaDoo Challenger 15' Jet Boat w/twin 85hp jets GPS'd at 53mph...then did a 360 turn. Wild ride!! Bought another boat so need to sell. Stereo -w- Waterproof speakers and iPod/iPhone/MP3 Aux...
  16. B

    1996 Sportster with very little acceleration

    Hello everyone, I run a marina in MT and i had a guy bring in a 1996 Sportster today. It is running fine and the engine achieves high RPM, but the jet and thrust doesn't really respond to the added power from the engine (some, but not nearly enough). It idles and putts around OK, but there...