1. J

    2020 GTI 170 Break Down

    Hi All, Just got a new GTI 170 and was super excited to get out and ride it. Asked the guy are you sure this thing is ready to ride like 6 times. Yes they said got it up to temp and run all the tests everything is ready to go. Go fill it up with gas, read the user manual about the break in...
  2. Caljpatt

    1997 GTX Project

    I’ve got two ‘97 GTX’s. Ones got bottom end issues and the other leaks oil into the cylinders. I just got the leaky one yesterday. Leaky one needs a starter so me and dad got the one off of the seized one. To make sure the starter worked, I tried it on the seized one, with the head already off...
  3. Chris7766

    2000 gtx mid RPM Bogging

    Here is the background info 2000 gtx with 951 carb motor. ski has 120 hours on it with an sbt motor that has approximately 50 hours on it. I bought it with burnt pistons clearly from a lean condition. replaced the top end with 1.00mm over pistons and sleeves. rebuilt the carbs which were really...
  4. Adameggleton

    96 Seadoo XP 787 Starts great and idles fine but bogs down and won't go fast

    Hey guys new to the forum so here it goes I recently bought a used 96 xp 787 that had recently had a rebuild and after using it for a few hours it has decided to no longer run correctly Now this isn't my first attempt at finding the issue out I've been doing a lot of research. And have come...
  5. K

    A bed time story for you.. 99 GSX issues

    Hello everyone. I am writing this because of several reasons: So that my experiences will not be lost and maybe some out there, other than me, can learn from them. and besides that, I just need to ventilate and my girlfriend is sick of me talking about the Doo. In the spring of...
  6. C

    2012 Speedster 255HP - Lacking in RPM after 9 hours of use

    Thoughts anyone? Only 9 hours old, jet is in perfect condition. It used to pull 8000 RPM out of the hole and hold it. At its worst on the water would rev 7600 for about 3 seconds, then drop to 6200 RPM thereafter. It appeared as if supercharger was shut-off or it was loading up on fuel...
  7. R

    Purchasing Advice, used, long storage seadoos

    I am new to the whole world of Seadoos. I have the opportunity to buy two 2002 gtx's for 4500. Is this a good price or too much. They are in great cosmetic condition. The only issue is that they have been in storage for several years. Probably three. The owner says that they don't start. Could...
  8. A

    2004 SeaDoo Bombardier SOB!!

    so today I was out on the lake with the boat and family and having a blast, then all of a sudden when we pulled into a cove, it sounded like the oil rings were grinding on the inside of the piston cylinder and the motor stalled out. We tried to fire it back up, it stalled out again, then...
  9. O

    Should my 89 seadoo have two carbs or one?

    i picked up a 89 seadoo from a guy and have started working on it and i noticed that another 89 only had one carb, should this motor have two carbs, and where do i hook the water hose when i attempt to start it out of the water.
  10. F

    96 GTX Rev Issues RPM and Other Issue

    Hi, I've just registered on the forum, but have read around site in the past for help. I have a few issues with my 1996 Seadoo GTX (787cc engine) which i will list below. My first issue is a revving problem. Some possibly related background: I recently took off the carbs and choke...