intermittent spark

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    1992 SeaDoo SP intermittent spark

    Hey guys, My seadoo is sparking intermittently. The plugs are new and when it does decide to spark, it's a nice powerful bright spark. I've checked the water proof wiring harness box to see if anything is loose or damaged and everything looks brand new in there. The first time I got it to...
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    New to forum and Sea Doos Intermittent spark above idle thru WOT

    I am new to the forum. It was great to find this Mercury forum. I have an engine problem or problems with my 2003 Islandia 240 EFI. I haven't had the boat long, I was cruising along at 2/3s throttle when forward motion was reduced as if I had throttled back, I hadn't, and the engine was...
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    Dunked 1994 Seadoo GTX last summer and now won't spark!???

    Help! Tried everything... Using new gas, filed down spark connectors, pit enzyme inner fuel... Still cuts out at low throttle????? Everything is clean!?