high rpm

  1. McQueenGTX

    2009 GTI 130 is trying to kill me - 4800rpm!

    Hi Folks, I'm new to this forum. Thanks for your patience. I'll try to be concise, yet thorough with my symptoms. My 2009 GTI 130 has been running high RPM since I broke it out of winter storage 2 days ago. It was fine when I put it away for the winter. When I first began this season, it...
  2. Collinfox01

    Running on hose

    So I am new to jet skis. I just bought an 01 Sea-doo GTX from my uncle. It’s a 2 Stroke and it has 180 hours on it. I never plan to run it in salt water but if I were to run it in brackish water and wanted to flush it out with the hose, how long could I let it run? I have started it one time on...
  3. G

    2002 islandia speed issues with 1000lbs people

    Hi guys new to the forum got A question for you guys the islandia runs great with around 900lbs (persons). If I add another 200 lbs more it will not get up to speed the rpms will go up 6000+ but it will not go past 15mph. If I take them off boat runs up to around 40mph? ( my guess it’s a weight...
  4. pipedragon

    Full RMP's but won't go over 10 MPH

    2007 Seadoo RXP 215 Supercharged Having trouble with high RPM then won't go. Some history I had some recent issues where I sucked up rocks so I changed the Prop to a brand new Solas prop and new wear ring. Went out twice last weekend and ran like a champ for several hours each day. Went out...
  5. M

    Engine loud and revs to 8000 rpm

    I have a 2009 Challenger 180 215. Friday I took it out after replacing a cracked intercooler hose and it ran fine (7800rpm, engine at normal operating level as far as sound goes) today (Sunday) It idled fine but once I got it to about 1/2 the throttle level position and 5500 rpm there was a lot...
  6. O

    2009 180 Challenger SE

    I recently bought a brand new 2009 180 challenger SE supercharged with 215hp. There were zero hours on the boat. I took it out for the first time at a lake in south carolina and noticed that the RPMs were running pretty high compared to the speed at which I was at. At 30mph the RPMs were around...