1. Bowser

    FOR SALE SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Exhaust Head

    SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Exhaust Head Exhaust head condition: fair-good, usual light wear on surface. Hose nozzles firm. OEM P/N: 274000148 $55 + shipping Please refer to pictures for inspection of condition with zoom Includes original fastening screws, washer, T-tube, and gasket Genuine...
  2. Toojay7

    99 XPL overheating

    Had not seen water in 10 years. Never in salt supposedly. I changed the grey fuel lines and brought it out on the water. Idled it for about 5 minutes and then the overheat warning buzzer went on. Immediately stopped it, brought it back home and inspected the coolant lines. The only issue I found...
  3. GeorgiaSeaDooGuy

    Domes West Coast Performance Head

    Looking for a dome or pair of domes for a WestCoast Performance Head model BEP-8000. Any model domes BEP-8043, 8044, 8045. Thanks for any help.
  4. S

    1994 SeaDoo XP Aftermarket head.

    My new 1994 SeaDoo XP had an aftermarket head on it made by Triton. I am wondering if I should keep the head or put the stock one on. The owner has told me he used it as a racing ski at Triton, Boulder back in the day.
  5. L

    2002 seadoo gtx coolant leaking and a seprate issue of smoking.Help advice wanted

    Hi,any help advice would be greatly appreciated,recently purchased a 2002 seadoo gtx with 95hr on clock, took ski out and noticed it smoking at idle this is same on hose however with throttle on water this clears up,any ideas of what is causing this issue,also i have an issue were im finding...
  6. L

    2001 Seadoo GTX 951 DI water leak after complete rebuild

    Hey guys, so last summer I purchased a 2001 GTX DI and it has been nothing but a headache since. I have owned a few skis prior but never had to do a complete rebuild on one. I am fairly mechanically inclined so when I purchased this ski in need of a rebuild I didn't think much of it, until I did...
  7. alx401

    pitted domes. Ok or Not

    looks like engine blew a piston on my 94xp causing some pitting damage to the domes. I used dremmel tool to smooth out best i could but still have some small craters in the dome. Is there any reason not to use as is or is replacement essential. I dont see any cracks or any damage to the seals.
  8. T

    4-Tec timing chain problem, need your feedback please...

    Hi, I really need your advice please. I am in the process of rebuilding my motor after a supercharger break. I had to open the engine base to clean out everything. I removed the head, and i did not make any change to the components ( cam or valve..etc ) Now i am putting everything back in place...
  9. P

    water coming from head bolt - why

    There is water coming out of one of the head bolts on my 96 speedster (twin 85hp). What does this mean? Crack in head?
  10. I

    What have I done?

    Ok, so most of you will probably be laughing here shortly, If you noticed my ID, yea I got one. Its a 97 GSX, actually felt like I stole one. I went to look at this thing off craigslist guy said marine mech told him it needed a new switch because it would`nt do anything. He had purchased a new...