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  1. F

    Sand in the Intake & Under the Head Cover

    Pulling the engine out of my 2000 Sea-Doo GTX 787 RFI, took off the exhaust and intake manifold and found a ton of what I think is sand in the intake ports going to the cylinders. I also took off the head cover and there was a ton of buildup and sand, which I assume came through the cooling...
  2. R

    Changed oil in 1999 GTX RFI - Now I have a couple of air bubbles I cannot get out

    Previous owner used blue 2 stroke oil in the seadoo so I went and got the right stuff (I thought it would be yellow, but I have been assured by the store the red oil I received is correct). I siphoned out all the blue 2 stroke oil from the engine and thoroughly cleaned the oil tank. Now that I...
  3. R

    Where is the "oil pump lever" on a 787 engine (1999 GTX RFI)?

    I found an awesome thread here where @racerxxx explains how to drain and refill the oil on my GTX RFI. The manual and @racerxxx both say to open the oil pump lever in full position to ensure all oil lines fill. I am aware of the throttle lever, but I cannot find the oil pump lever. Anyone...
  4. TxAg15

    2002 787 RFI Engine Rebuild

    Hello all, I've been reading and researching a ton so I thought I'd make a project thread and see if I can get some insight from all the geniuses on here. I know it's a bit of a novel, but I thought it better to roll it all into one post for continuity. I have a 2002 GTX RFI with ~130 hrs...
  5. 7

    GTX RFI engine "knock"?

    I have a 02 gtx rfi. I just rebuilt my whole engine. New crank, new bearings, new pistons with rings. Everything. It has like 30 hours so far and for some reason my oil pump came unbolted and yeah... Ran till it over heated. I think the pistons stuck a couple times after trying to get back to...
  6. B

    What hose to pinch when towing ?

    I have a 2002 Seadoo GTX RFI. I’ve looked at the pics of the manual and the seadoo itself and can’t find what hose to pinch when having to tow.
  7. B

    Two easy questions. idle adjustment and oil tank leaks.

    so I looked at some old threads and saw that leaking two part oil tanks are super common on 97- 02 sea doo skis. I've got a pair of 99 gtx rfi's that both leak. I pulled the one out the other day and there are a few cracks on the seam. I'm sure the other is identical as they both leak...
  8. E

    New to me, few questions/advice needed - 2002 GTX RFI and 2002 GTX DI

    New member of the site, and new owner of a 2002 GTX RFI (75 hours) and 2002 GTX DI (70 hours). Each has approximately had 25 hours put on since we purchased on July 9th. I am aware of the problems the 951 DI engines are known for (thanks to this forum), and am trying to take all necessary...
  9. S

    Running ski out of water, GTX low idle

    Hello everyone! (shortened version) I'm not the most experienced seadoo guy (2 years), but I have done a top end on my GTX (2001 RFI) as well as a top and bottom end on my XP (1999), so feel free to speak to that level in any replies. Both skis were run out of water at a gas station (idle)...
  10. JimC on his Seadoo

    2000 GTX-RFI, what appears to be intermittent not charging, killing the battery.

    Battery discharging during use. I've been plagued with this problem off & on for 3 seasons now. I Checked the regulator and fuses & it checked out as Ok. Started the engine on the lift and voltage raised as it should. Went & road it for 20 minutes and pulled into the dock to check. Sure...
  11. K

    2000 GTX RFI Hi-Temp engine shuts off

    I was out running my 2000 GTX RFI this weekend and after about 45 minutes the hi-temp light flashed and the engine promptly shut down. I towed it home and let it sit overnight. The following morning a tried to turn it over and the starter engaged but wouldn't turn the engine over and I...
  12. H

    99 GTX RFI Will Not Rev Past 3200 RPM Acts Like A Drirty Carb, Sea Doo Tech Stumpped

    Heres What Been Done. Fuel Pump Was Pressure Tested And Is In Spec. Throttle Sensors Were Tested. Fuel tank Cleaned And Refilled With 97 Oct. Fuel Filter (If You Can Call It That) Cleaned. Everything They Can TEst For At A Highly Recomended Sea Doo Tech Guys Shop Was Checked. He Said Its A...
  13. davistek

    Issues with the 2000 GTX RFi - ready to light it on fire and claim the insurance!

    So, the last problem that I had was taken care of, the ski ran great for about a week. Started sputtering after about 4 tanks of gas - then the spark plugs needed to be changed. Ran good again - for about a tank of gas. Now, it is back from the lake and the issue it has is quite confusing. First...